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IndiGo was set up back in 2006. Since then the airline has made quite huge leaps in the domestic aviation market to become the number one airline. Back in April 2019, IndiGo became the biggest airline in the Indian market by capturing 27% of the market share. Indigo has been able to become such a successful airline because it offers very cheap service and at the same time very wisely prioritises its customers comfort over anything else. If you did not know already, IndiGo now operates 1,500 flights daily with a huge fleet of 249 planes. The airline offers almost every service a customer can ask for. From web check-in to selecting the meal you want to have when you board the flight, you can do everything with your convenience. Though the airline had to go through a rough patch with DGCA pointing fingers towards the engines that it was using, IndiGo was able to manage their operations quite comfortably. IndiGo seats selection service is yet another thing that you should know about before you board any flight from the airline.


What is IndiGo Seat Selection Services? 

In simple words, it means that you can easily choose a seat of your liking before you board the plane. The seat where you sit in the flight plays a major role in determining whether you had a comfortable flying experience or not. That is why the airline made it possible for their customers to select their favourite seats before they board their flights. Under the IndiGo seat selection service, you can pay and choose the seat that you want to sit in. Since there are three different types of aircraft that are used by the airline, there are different sitting charts for each of them as well. But you don’t have to mandatorily choose a seat and pay/not pay for it. You can relax and let the airline provide you with a free seat while you are checking-in at the airport. Most often the free seats are the middle ones, but in case you have a lucky day, you might just end up with a free window/aisle seat.

IndiGo Seat Selection Charges

No comfort comes free of charge. Since there is a high demand for some of the seats, the airline charges more for it. There are different charges for each type of aircraft the airline uses. For the airline’s A321 aircraft, if you want a seat with extra legroom in row number 1, then you will have to pay a fee of Rs 1,000. For rows 2 and 3, you have to pay a fee of Rs 400 for each seat. For rows 4 to 15, you have to a fee of Rs 250 for each seat. Then for row 16 and 26, you have to pay Rs 250 for both window/aisle seats but the middle seat comes for free. For row 17, 18, 27 you have to pay Rs 900 for each of the seats. But for row 19 and 25, there is no charge in the middle seats and Rs 250 for window/aisle seats. For row 28-37, the middle seats are free but for the other seats, a fee of Rs 150 for each seat.

These charges are for the A321 aircraft. For ATR aircraft, for rows 1, 2 a charge of Rs 300, for rows 3-8 no charge, for rows 9-15 a charge of Rs 100, and for rows 16-19 a charge of Rs 200. The third type of aircraft which the airline uses is A320. Charges for A320 are as follows - For row 1 with extra legroom, Rs 1000 for each seat, for row 2,3 a charge of Rs 400 for each seat, for rows 4-10 a charge of Rs 350 for window/aisle seats and middle are free, for row 11 window/aisle seats, a charge of Rs 250 and middle seats are free, for rows 12 and 13 both for a charge of Rs 900 for each seat, for rows 14-20 a charge of Rs 250 for window/aisle seats and middle seats are free, for rows 21-31 middle seats are free but window/aisle seats cost Rs 150 each.

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