IndiGo Temple Run Offering Affordable Tickets to Shirdi From Major Cities

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IndiGo is the largest carrier of domestic aviation for all the right reasons. The carrier offers world-class services to its passengers to give them a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience. Since IndiGo is the largest and most beloved carrier in Indian Aviation, Passengers enjoy a variety of add-on services which includes 6E Flex, Prime, Tiffin, Seat Selection and many more. IndiGo knows the importance of pilgrimage sites and to honour the religious and emotional values of Indian passengers, the carrier is offering daily flights to Shirdi from significant cities at affordable fares. Not only this, passengers will also get baggage allowances in their flight tickets. Here is everything you need to know about the temple run offering to Shirdi by IndiGo.


Shirdi- The Spiritual Town

Shirdi is a famous pilgrimage site situated near Maharashtra. The city is mainly famous because of the Saint Sai Baba who preached his teachings and attained samadhi. Every year countless devotees visit the holy place to get the blessings of Sai Baba. Talking in terms of days, the temple attracts more than 60,000 devotees every day. Apart from this, Shirdi also has a number of religious spots which would give peace to individuals visiting the place. There are many modes through which people can reach Shirdi. One of them is by air. The Shirdi International Airport (SAG) is located 14 km southwest of the city. Not only this, Shirdi can be reached by closes airports such as Mumbai, Pune and Nashik. In order to Honour the religious values of people, IndiGo will be operating daily flights to Shirdi.

Flight Details

IndiGo will fly daily flights to Shirdi from major cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Indore. However, passengers must note that flight from Delhi will start from 5th February 2020 and Flights from Chennai to Shirdi will begin from 20th February 2020. However, IndiGo Shirdi Flights from Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Indore can be booked.

Fare Structure and Baggage Allowance

IndiGo will make sure that passengers enjoy their religious journey without burning their pockets. IndiGo flight tickers to Shirdi from significant cities will start from Rs 2,112. Apart from this, passengers will get baggage allowance which will provide optimum space for their luggage. Passengers will enjoy 15Kgs Check-in Baggage. Not only this, Passengers will get 7kgs cabin baggage allowance in their flight tickets. So, if the passengers want to plan an extended religious trip, they don’t have to worry about the luggage limits, IndiGo has got them covered.

Everything you need to Know About Shirdi International Airport (SAG)

If the passengers are booking their IndiGo flight tickets, they will directly land to Shirdi International Airport (SAG). IndiGo will make sure that from Check-in to airport facilities, passengers must get all the help possible. Shirdi International Airport is spread across 29,600 square feet, and it has the capacity to hold approx. 500 passengers daily. Apart from this, passengers can enjoy a variety of services at the terminal. The terminals have free trolleys which will help the passengers with their luggage. Also, the terminal offers special counters through which passengers can get entry passes to Shirdi Sai Baba Temple. To add more Shirdi International Airport also have cloakrooms. If the passengers are getting sudden food cravings, the terminal is equipped with various cafes and snack corners which offers delicious foods to customers and satisfy their taste buds. If the passengers want to book their flight tickets to Shirdi or know more about the temple run offering by IndiGo, they can visit the carrier’s official website and know more about the offer.

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