IndiGo to Soon Launch Flights Between Gaya-Delhi and Gaya-Kolkata-Chennai Routes

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IndiGo will be launching new flights from Gaya to Delhi and Chennai in the coming months as the private airline is in advanced stages of talks with Airports Authority of India (AAI). IndiGo will launch new flights between Gaya-Delhi and Gaya-Kolkata-Chennai routes in 2020. The private airline already approached AAI seeking permission to operate the Gaya-Delhi flight during evening hours. However, it's also said that the Gaya-Kolkata-Chennai flight proposal is still in the early stages for now.

IndiGo to Launch Two New Flights Very Soon

IndiGo has been aggressively launching new flights every now and then. Very recently, it touched the 1,500 daily flight margin becoming the only airline in the country to achieve the feat. A new report from TNN now says that IndiGo is planning to launch flights on Gaya-Delhi and Gaya-Kolkata-Chennai routes.

The report says that IndiGo has approached AAI seeking an evening hour slot for the Gaya-Delhi flight. However, the Gaya airport operates only for eight hours, and if this approves, the airport will have to operate for two more shifts. IndiGo is looking for a slot between 6:30 PM- 7 PM and the return flight between 8:30 PM - 9 PM on the same day. As said above, this timing means the airport will have to work for two more shifts. Earlier, IndiGo asked the AAI for a slot during 1 PM - 2 PM in the noon session.

IndiGo is expected to begin the Gaya-Delhi flight on February 5, 2020, if everything goes on schedule. Furthermore, Gaya Airport Director, Dilip Kumar, said that additional forces had been sanctioned to manage the additional two shifts from IndiGo.

IndiGo Now Operating 1,500 Flights per Day

Just a few days ago, IndiGo announced that it's now operating 1,500 flights on a daily basis, becoming the only airline in the country to achieve this feat. In December 2018, IndiGo announced a daily flight count of 1,000, and in just one year, the airline managed to add 500 airlines to the overall count. And in 2020 as well, the airline is expected to add a similar number which will take the overall count to 2,000 flights per day.

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