IndiGo Travel Mandates: Mandatory Aarogya Setu App and Web Check-In

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Every airline has had to improvise their services and way of working in the last few weeks. The priority of the aviation industry at the moment is to make money for all the losses they had to endure during the lockdown. But at the same time, they want to keep their customers safe. IndiGo is one such airline. It has introduced a new SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for continuing flights. Now you won’t see the airline serving food in its flights anymore. Some of the new IndiGo travel mandates are concerned with reaching the airport early, printing boarding pass, baggage tag, and more. Keep reading to find out.


IndiGo Travel Mandates For Reaching Airport

According to the new IndiGo travel mandates, you need to reach the airport earlier than you usually do. You have to reach the airport at least two hours before your flight is scheduled for departure. The counters for your flight will close 1 hour before the departure. So ensure that you reach the airport in time as you need to go through other procedures as well and that will take time.

Web Check-In

Physical checking at the airline counters at the airport has been removed. Only web check-in is allowed at the moment. At the airport, only the baggage drop facility will be availed. Web check-in for your flight will be open 48 hours prior to your departure time. It will close only one hour before your flight's departure.

Health Declaration and Arogya Setu App

When you are trying to book your flight, you will receive a form via email on which you will need to declare your health status. To ensure a hassle-free airport experience, you must do it. Your boarding pass will be issued only after you declare your health status.

Also, according to IndiGo travel mandates, every passenger must have the Aarogya Setu app installed on their smartphones. Apart from children who are under the age of 14, it is mandatory for everyone to have the Aarogya Setu app on their smartphone with a green status.

Boarding Pass, Baggage Tags and Travelling Light

For following the concept of contactless travel, IndiGo travel mandates ask the passengers to print their now boarding pass and baggage tags. After web check-in, you can download the e-ticket and baggage tags. Then according to your convenience, you can get them printed.

Also, customers must travel light. IndiGo has revised its baggage policy. Now customers can only carry a one check-in bag with a limit of 20 Kg. Along with this, only one handbag is allowed to be taken inside the aircraft. The handbag should be small enough to fit under your seat.

IndiGo Travel Mandates For the Airport

The passenger must come to the airport wearing their own face masks and keep it on their face throughout their journey. Along with this, passengers are advised to wear hand gloves and keep a 350ml hand sanitiser. Also, the airline has advised customers from not touching their face.

IndiGo travel mandates for the airport also suggests that customers strictly follow social distancing. Anything that you want to eat, eat it at the airport because you won’t be allowed to eat inside the plane. You will have to scan the boarding pass yourself at the boarding gate. Also, keep your identity card handy as you will require it at different times.

IndiGo is trying to do everything to make flights safe for you. All you need to do is follow the rules and regulations that the airline has set. If you have any doubts or queries, then contact the IndiGo customer support.

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