IndiGo TrawellTag or AirAsia Tune Protect Travel Insurance: Which One is Better

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Flight travel is considered as the safest form of travel. All the carriers in the aviation sector provide exclusive benefits to their passengers to give them a comfortable flying experience. However, sometimes passengers face inevitable mishaps which hamper their comfortable and worry-free journey. To ensure that passengers enjoy a safe trip and avoid any sudden accidents India’s largest carrier IndiGo and Malaysia’s largest carrier AirAsia provides travel insurance add-on services to their passengers which ensures a smooth and hassle-free journey. IndiGo and AirAsia have partnered up with TrawellTag and Tune Protect to help passengers against sudden accidents. Here we’ll cover and differentiate all the benefits covered under the travel protection insurance provided by IndiGo and AirAsia.


Benefits Under Indigo TrawellTag Assist Plan

Being the largest carrier in domestic aviation, IndiGo has partnered up with TrawellTag to provide insurance to passengers boarding in IndiGo flights against certain events to make their journey more safe and comforting. If the passengers are boarding in domestic flights, they will get local roadside assistance with domestic medical aid in case of medical emergencies. Also, passengers opting for TrawellTag assist plan will get travel insurance policy under the service. If the passengers are boarding on international flights, they will get 24x7 medical assistance throughout the world. Not only this, but they will also get Concierge Assistance, Family Protection and Travel Insurance policy under the TrawellTag Assist Plan.

Talking about the claims passengers will get dynamic claims which will depend upon the type of flights and sudden events. To avail, the benefits of IndiGo’s TrawellTag Assist Plan passengers must be at least 2 years on the date of travel and 3 years in case of international flights. The maximum age on the date of travel will be 70 years in case of both domestic and international flights. However, passengers must note that travel assistance plan will cover 60 days in domestic boardings and 90 days in case of international flights from the date of initiation of policy which is the date of commencement of journey. To know more about the insurances covered passengers can browse the TrawellTag Assist plan tab from Indigo’s official website.

Benefits under AirAsia Tune Protect

Being the largest airline of the Malaysian aviation sector, AirAsia provides low-cost additional security to its passengers. Under the Tune Protect travel Plan provided by AirAsia, passengers must note that benefits will differ with the type of flight and their travel dates. Talking about the brief and general benefits passengers will get accidental personal benefits which will be claimable up to USD 50,000 for accidental deaths and permanent body displacement. Not only this Tune Protect travel plan will cover lost baggage, clothes and personal items of passengers up to USD 500.

In case if the luggage is delayed and passengers waiting time is increased, with Tune Protect travel plan they will get USD 50 forever 6 hours delay which will go up to 100 USD. Also, passengers will be able to place a claim for reimbursement for the cost of the flight if they have missed their flight for specific reasons. The excess claim would be USD 100 per claim in case of flight cancellations by the insured person. To add more to safety passengers will also get delay claims which will amount USD 300 and if there is a missed flight connection, they will get a claim up to 200. With all these benefits, passengers who have opted for Tune Protect Plan will get travel assistance throughout their entire journey. To know more about the claims and policies related to Tune Protect Plan passengers can browse AirAsia’s official website.

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