IndiGoGreen 2.0: IndiGo Releases Its Second ESG Report, Featuring the Theme – Flying Responsibly

The airline highlighted that it is continuously improving the measures to safeguard the climate and the environment, maintaining responsible and fair relations with its employees, and actively engaging in numerous social initiatives.


  • Releases its second ESG report and the first report in the Indian aviation sector aligned with the GRI Standards and SASB- reinforcing commitment to being a responsible aviation company.
  • Achieved around 18% emissions intensity reduction target one year ahead of schedule (target period is FY 2015-16 to FY 20222-23)
  • Joined the World Economic Forum’s Clean Skies for Tomorrow (CST) initiative which aims to blend 10% SAF in all aviation fuel consumption by 2030.

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IndiGoGreen 2.0: IndiGo Publishes Its Second ESG Report, Featuring the Theme - Flying Responsibly

In its commitment towards sustainable aviation, IndiGo joined Clean Skies for Tomorrow in August. Now, India's leading carrier has published its second Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, featuring the theme - Flying Responsibly. The report outlines the company’s sustainability and corporate responsibility achievements in FY22 under the three ESG pillars: Environmental, Social, Business, and Governance.

IndiGo is continuously improving the measures to safeguard the climate and the environment, maintaining responsible and fair relations with its employees, and actively engaging in numerous social initiatives.

Below are the initiatives/updates from the company concerning ESG that are highlighted in the report:

Environmental initiatives

1. Aircraft:

IndiGo received delivery of its first aircraft operating on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) from Airbus on 18th February 2022

2. Co2 Emission Trend:

Fuel accounts for 99.5% of the airline's Scope 1 emissions footprint. Therefore, through concerted efforts, IndiGo is seeking to reduce the emissions intensity from its jet aviation fuel consumption by 18% between FY 2015-16 and FY 2022-23. In line with the same, the airline highlighted that it is firmly on course to meet this target by the end of FY 2022-23.

3. Equipment Usage:

Started using environment-friendly equipment such as the Ground-Power Combo units as a replacement for the conventional APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) usage on the ground. This has helped the airline reduce ATF usage by APUs by 80%.

4. Practices:

IndiGo highlighted that it has adopted several energy-efficient practices to reduce the environmental impact of its aircraft and on-ground vehicles such as the utilization of electric tugs which has increased by 30%.

The airline uses the Eco Luggage Freight Loader (‘E-BFL’) to load and unload baggage and freight from cargo compartments and is entirely electrical.

5. Waste Management:

IndiGo has also managed to reduce its ecological footprint through effective waste management and recycling practices such as converting discarded seat covers and carpets into bags, folders, pouches, etc.

Social initiatives

The airline undertakes a wide range of social initiatives, which focus on its core pillars of Children and Education, Women Empowerment, Environment and Heritage. Some of the key highlights of the social initiatives for FY 2021-22 are as below:

1. Education Initiatives:

Initiatives aimed at improving access to education and nurturing excellence and in FY 2021-22, despite COVID-19, the education initiatives helped retain more than 31,000+ children in school and ensured that they continue their education.

2. Empowerment of Rural Women:

The initiatives for the empowerment of rural women have led to an average income increase of 10-15% for 55,000+ rural women through ‘on farm’ and ‘off farm’ initiatives.

3. Natural Gas:

Achieved 1.21 Lacs+ CER (Carbon Emission Reductions) in the last 2 years through the installation of biogas units.

4. Conservation of Heritage Structures:

The airline highlighted that it has also focused on the conservation of heritage structures in different parts of the country. In addition to the restoration of important historical structures including the Lal Bagh Palace in Indore, the programme has contributed to the economy by the creation of 6,000+ days of work for the traditional craftsmen, stone masons, and other artisans from the community.

Visually Slide: IndiGo New Flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata to Dhaka

Mr. Kiran Koteshwar, Chief Programs Officer and Head - ESG, IndiGo said, “In a year full of opportunities, challenges, and uncertainty, providing air connectivity to everyone remained core to our business. With respect to ESG, we have embarked on a journey that is rooted in driving change both inside and outside the organization. The organization was steadfast in delivering on our values as we made significant progress toward our ESG goals throughout the year. Our momentum and drive are to provide best air connectivity in domestic and international markets in a responsible manner. As such we are driving the evolution of our sector in an effort to integrate aviation with climate protection.”


As the airline continues its ESG journey, IndiGo will ensure that its governance procedures evolve to support and facilitate ESG integration.

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