International Flights to Not Land in Indian Airports, Says DGCA

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International flights are still not operational in India and for a good reason. But there are still special international flights which are operating with the permission of DGCA. Some of the flights are going to UAE and some are coming from there to India. One thing that is still not clear for India is when will the regular international charters resume. As for the flights coming from UAE, none of them can bring passengers to India. They can only fly people from India back to the UAE. It is the same for Indian flights. None of the Indian flights can fly passengers to UAE but only bring them back to India. Now DGCA has written a letter to AAI regarding the landing of international flights. Keep reading ahead to find out.

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No State Permission, No Landing for International Flights: DGCA

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) wrote a letter to the Airports Authority of India (AAI). DGCA asked AAI to not allow any international flights from UAE to land in India until and unless they have the permission of state government.

In the letter to AAI, DGCA wrote, “It has been noticed that some of the charter flights from UAE to India did not have requisite Indian state consent required for the operation of such flights. In view of the above, it has been decided that the airline shall submit the approval of the concerned state government to the ATC (air traffic control) of the point of destination prior to their departure from airports in UAE.”

So essentially, from now on every international flight from UAE requires the respective state government’s approval it is flying to. Without approval, the flight won’t be allowed to land at the airport. Every flight must have the content before it leaves the UAE airport.

To make matters more clear on the scene of international flights, the Civil Aviation Minister will address the nation soon. Earlier, the Civil Aviation minister said international flights can resume once the domestic traffic capacity reaches 50-60% capacity.

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