International Flights to Not Resume Until June 30 Midnight: DGCA

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The whole world is under a global pandemic at the moment. There is no clarity on when the crisis would tone down. As a result of that, international travel has been stopped completely. Only repatriation flights are operating to bring people back home who are stuck outside. Domestic flights, on the other hand, are operational in India after two months now. However, the chances for international flights to resume seem sleek. There are several factors at play when international flights are concerned. DGCA has said that foreign flights will not resume in India until June 30, midnight at least.

When Will International Flights Become Fully Operational?

It is a question which doesn't have an answer at the moment. That is because it not only depends on the decision of India government but also the governments of foreign destinations. India is seeing a rise in the number of COVID-19 positive cases daily. Keeping that in mind, some countries may not allow Indian flights to land at their airports. However, another major thing to consider here is that most of the International flights operate from metro cities. Metro cities could be in the ‘Red Zone’ and that could mean the government of the particular state might not allow the resumption of foreign flights.

Will There be Flights for Select Destinations?

Now, some of the European countries have opened up their borders for international flights to enter. But all of these flights are from European countries only and only countries with low-risk profiles are given the go for international flights. Can this be a good thing for India? Again, there is no saying! Some of the Indian states have been marked as high-risk places by the European Union Safety Agency (EASA) and they are — Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Tami Nadu. International flights are still a confusing and sort of sensitive topic for every government throughout the world. Till the time it is completely safe, there is very less chance that international flights would resume.

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