International Flights: New Guidelines the Customers Must Know About

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International flights are taking place and a significant number of people are flying back to their home countries. DGCA has allowed some special flights to take place. But these are not going to be a normal flight experience. Everyone travelling might know this and would be well versed with all the rules that are needed to be followed. But the rules keep on changing for international flights. If you don’t know the latest rules and guidelines for international flights, then you might miss out on your chance to board the plane. Read ahead to find out all the new guidelines.


Guidelines and Rules for International Flights

International travellers flying to India will have to submit a self-declaration form 72 hours before they board the plane. The self-declaration form will be provided at the time of flight booking. It needs to be submitted on the website of Delhi airport.

With this, the passengers need to follow certain quarantine rules as well. So the passenger must agree to an undertaking that they will undergo a 7-day institutional quarantine when they come to India. This quarantine will be self-paid. After that, they will also have to undergo a self-isolation of 7 days at their homes.

But there is a way in which the international flights' passengers can escape institutional quarantine. They can submit a negative RT-PCR test report when they arrive in India. If they manage to do so, they won’t have to go through the mandatory institutional quarantine.

These are the new guidelines that have been released for international passengers travelling to India. The thing to note is these guidelines are separate from what the state government asks the travellers to follow. So if the passenger is travelling from an international flight and going to a particular state, he/she will have to follow all the quarantine rules there.

There are more rules regarding flying and boarding an international flight to and from India. Ensure that you know about them before you board your next international flight.

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