International Flights: Travellers to Certain Countries Must Get Vaccinated Before Flying

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Demand for air travel has grown with time. With vaccine against the COVID-19 virus on its way, international flights and travel may start next year. But as per a report from the AP, there is a strong possibility that travellers flying to certain countries will have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 virus before they board an international flight. Without getting the vaccination, the travellers won’t be allowed to board international flights to select countries. Many airlines and countries will only allow travellers to arrive when they get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus once the vaccine is rolled out globally. More details on the story ahead.


Airlines Might Electronically Verify if Passengers are Vaccinated Against COVID-19

The head of Qantas, biggest airline in Australia has expressed that once the COVID-19 vaccine is rolled out globally, the passengers might need to get vaccinated against COVID-19 before they board a Qantas aircraft. The rule will be for both the passengers travelling abroad or coming to Australia.

He also said that he has been conversing with his counterparts and other airlines around the world about the possibility of introducing a new ‘vaccination passport’ for passengers boarding international flights. It is likely an expression and not a new kind of passport.

The Qantas boss further said that the airline will be looking to electronically verify if the passengers are vaccinated against COVID-19 virus. But he also deemed it as a difficult task.

Korean Air, the largest airline in South Korea also has similar views into the matter of passengers boarding an international flight in the future. Jill Chung, a spokesperson of the airline said that there is a strong chance that passengers will have to get vaccinated before they board an international flight.

Chung also said that this matter is not just limited for the airlines to decide on independently. A proper discussion with the government is required to proceed here.

Thing worth noting is that all these rules will only be applicable once the vaccination is released globally and that might not be anytime soon.

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