International Passengers Count Takes a Hit In India by a Huge Number

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All the international and domestic flight operations are at hold in India at the moment. This is because of the lockdown imposed on the country by the government. This has resulted in the loss of international passengers for India. During April, the count for international travellers plunged by 89% for India against the usual projections of the International Civil Aviation Organisation. These are strange numbers to witness and something which none of the airlines would have expected to happen when the new calendar year started. All the airlines in India are in immense pressure to pay their fixed costs but are not getting permission to fly their planes and generate revenue.

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Global Aviation Industry To Suffer a Huge Loss

It is not just the India aviation which is losing out on international passengers. The global pandemic has reached almost every part of the world. ICAO, a specialised agency of the United Nations, has projected that by September, the global aviation industry would have suffered a loss of 1.2 billion international passengers. Again these numbers are based on the usual traffic predicted. There has been a dramatic decrease in the number of international passengers capacity for almost every country from January to April.

International Passengers Capacity To Reduce Globally Even Further

With the number of people getting infected by the coronavirus, ICAO has predicted that the number of international passengers capacity will keep on decreasing. Globally, the international passengers capacity has dropped by a whopping 91% as of now. But just three months back, in January, there was a 0% reduction in international passenger count. Even in February, it rose to only 2%. But now in April, it has reached 89%, and this is going to hurt the revenues of Indian airlines very severely. It is expected that Indian airlines are going to see a drop of around $160 to $253 billion in revenues for a period of January to September. Passenger demand could drop by a billion number in figures when the airline operations start again, which does not look good at all for the aviation industry.

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