It’s Time to Stand and Travel in Flights, Introducing SkyRider 3.0

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Have you ever imagined standing and traveling in airlines? If not, it is time to get used to it because standing seats (Well! Almost standing) are soon becoming a reality.

In the recent Paris Air Show 2019, the airline interior manufacturer Aviointeriors demonstrated standing seats that can be sold as ultra-basic economy. Dubbed as Skyrider 3.0, it has an upright backrest and bicycle-like seats for the passenger to sit. The seats come with a tray to keep food as well as a seatbelt, which looks like the belt is between the passenger’s legs.

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The idea first appeared in 2010 when Aviointeriors introduced SkyRider. The airlines did not buy it, citing some structural issues. The manufacturer launched SkyRider 2.0, and now, Skyride 3.0, and the airlines are still considering buying them. Few reports claim that Europe’s Ryanair might install them on their budget flights.

According to Aviointeriors, these saddle seats/standing seats are innovative as it allows an ultra-high density in the aircraft cabin. It ensures an upright passenger position allowing the installation of the seat at a reduced pitch. The manufacturer promises comfort (the company claims this ‘as comfortable as sitting on a horse-saddle'). The promise it gives to the airlines’ is that the seat can help them increase the passenger count by 20%, allowing increasing profits. These seats weigh less than the standard economy class seats, and it has reduced number of components.

The manufacturer claims these as a seat that offers the possibility for the flyers to avail a pocket-friendly flying.

A Twitter user Tim Robinson (@RAeSTimR) published the photograph of the standing seats, along with the caption’ fresh hell for budget airlines’. The netizens do not seem to agree with the new seating concept. “They should add Paddles too like a bicycle. Budget Passengers should generate their electricity to be able to switch on the light or call the hostess.,” a user commented.

They should also start a super economy” drag on “seats outside the planes, with rollers installed for easy take-off and landing, another user quipped.


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