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Talking about ITC Hotels, one thing is always consistent, and that is their excellent services. Indian Tobacco Company (ITC) has made a very huge market for itself in the hotel industry. It has active hotels in many different locations throughout India now. One of its hotels is ITC Kohenur situated in Hyderabad. The hotel defines and sets a new standard for luxury. There are uniquely designed suits to cater to everyone's needs. ITC Kohenur is considered as one of the best hotels in Hyderabad. Let’s take a look at what makes as one of the best hotels in Hyderabad then!


ITC Kohenur Accommodation


There are 274 luxurious rooms which comprise of 27 service residences in a set and 9 very unique suites. One of the best things about staying in one of the rooms of ITC Kohenur is that there is a high chance of you getting a room with a view towards the freshwater lake. So there are nine categories of rooms from which you can choose — Executive Club with Balcony, Executive Club, The Towers, The Towers with Balcony, ITC One, Suites, Presidential Suite, The Grand Presidential Suite, and Wellness Rooms. One of the things which you must know about staying in ITC Kohenur is that more than two adults can’t stay in a single room. There are check-in and check-out policies which you must know about in advance.

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Food is arguably the soul of any hotel and its services. But food is just a small part of Dining. Dining doesn’t just mean eating good food, it is a whole experience of how you eat that food. The way dining takes place inside ITC Kohenur makes it one of the best hotels in Hyderabad. There are six different kinds of dining experiences which you can have at this hotel — Golcondra Pavilion, Yi Jing, Dum Pukht Begum’s, Peacock Bar, Ottimo, and Skypoint. Skypoint is one of the most loved restaurants as it allows the customers of the hotel a skyline view of Hyderabad.

Another very interesting restaurant is the ‘Yi Jing’ which will give you an experience of Chinese culture. In case you are interested in some Italian food, you can visit the Ottimo restaurant in the hotel. Coming to the Peacock Bar, it is one of the most beautifully designed restaurants at ITC Kohenur. It is not actually a restaurant, but a bar. You will see the Peacock theme designing when you enter the bar which is very calming and a treat for the eyesight. Golconda Pavilion is the restaurant of the hotel which is in service 24/7. You can get some of the best international and Indian cuisines at the restaurant. For a very grand Indian experience of dining, visit the Dum Pukht Begum’s restaurant of the ITC Kohenur.

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Meetings and Events


One of the services which is demanded a lot from hotels is the hosting of meetings and events. Nothing is just ordinary with the ITC Kohenur, be it hosting events or meetings. The reason why it is considered as one of the best hotels in Hyderabad is that it is known for organising grand events. There are multiple meeting rooms and one beautiful Banquet hall available so that you can choose the one you feel is the best. That depends on the availability of the halls or rooms obviously. Some of the biggest celebrities in India have hosted their events in the hotel. There are two outdoor venues as well if you want to host your party outside. One is Pearl Deck and the other is Golconda Green.


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