Jet2 Face Mask Guidelines Will Ensure Safer Journey For Passengers

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British low-cost carrier Jet2 has started its international operations after a long period. Since the entire globe is facing the wrath of Covid-19 outbreak, global aviation was one of the most affected industry. Nearly all the nations banned international flight operations to contain the deadly virus. Only rescue and cargo flights were operating in the lockdown period. Now situations are being changed. Airlines are gradually starting international operations with all the safety measures. Jet2 airline has taken extra safety measures in international operations and has made strict safety guidelines which the passengers will have to follow during the entire travel period.

Face Coverings are Compulsory for Passengers

Jet2 airline has introduced various Covid-19 precautionary measures. However, one of the most important and strict guidelines released by Jet2 airline is the face coverings. All the passengers who will book their flights with Jet2 will have to cover their face with a facemask. In case if the passengers don’t wear a face mask, they will not be allowed to board flights. Also, Jet2 has especially stated that the facemask which passengers will wear during the entire journey must cover their nose and mouth. Further, the mask which will be used in the entire journey must be a protective or medical-style mask or a fitted face covering. Jet2 airline has also made it clear that if the passengers use scarves, snoods, balaclavas and any other item instead of face mask, they will not be allowed to travel. However, children and people with disabilities that will impact their ability to wear a mask will be exempted from the face mask guideline of Jet2.

Government is Considering Scarves as Face Masks

The government new laws have recognised scarves as sufficient face coverings in public places. However, Jet2 has made strict face mask guidelines to ensure that the passengers have a safe and hassle-free journey. Jet2 has stated that the face mask must be kept on throughout the entire journey. Passengers will be allowed temporarily to remove mask while eating or drinking.

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