JetAdvance: A Quick and Easy Way to Prepone JetAirways Flight

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These days airlines are offering very innovative and new services to the flyers to provide them with the best experience possible. When it comes to flying experience, Jet Airways is one of the top names in India. The airline offers many services and is one of the top luxury carriers in the country. Jet Airways not only offers its popular loyalty program service, Jet Privilege but it also offers holiday packages, in-flight entertainment and much more. As part of the many offerings across the spectrum, there is also another offering by Jet Airways which not a lot of people are aware of, and it is the JetAdvance service.


If you haven’t heard of JetAdvance before, worry not because we have got you covered. JetAdvance is a unique service by Jet Airways which allows the passengers to prepone their flight in case they arrive early to the airport. For business travellers who are especially keen about their schedule, it is possible that they arrive for their flight early to the airport. In such a case, these flyers can use the JetAdvance service to prepone their Jet Airways flight by just paying a small convenience fee of Rs 1,800. This way, flyers will be able to depart for their destination quickly, rather than wait for a few more hours.

How to Use JetAdvance to Prepone Flight

If you are flyer who has come to the airport early and you would like to take an early flight to your destination, then you can simply navigate to the JetAdvance webpage on the official Jet Airways website. Here you will be asked to enter your journey details like source, destination, departure date etc. Further, you will be able to redeem your JP miles on this service or even use a promo code. It is also worth noting that the guests wishing to use the JetAdvance facility will only be able to use the service if the desired early flight departs at max four hours prior to the original flight time. So, for example, if your original flight departs at 1800 hrs, then your preponed flight should depart at 1400 hrs or later only.

Things to Keep in Mind

Another thing to note is that the JetAdvance service is only being offered to guests who are travelling within India on Jet Airways flight and this service will only be available to these flyers if they are present at the airport. The JetAdvance service will not be applicable for postponing the flights and it will also not be applicable for travellers flying under group bookings or JetPrivilege Award tickets.

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