JetScreen In-Flight Entertainment Service: All You Need to Know

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Jet Airways launched its In-flight Entertainment Services – JetScreen - for the first time for its end users. This new on-air content streaming service enables the fliers on board to access over 220 hours of content on their personal electronic devices. As opposed to traditional in-flight entertainment services, JetScreen does not depend on displays in front of the passengers to stream content. Instead the content being provided on the aircraft will be accessible on personal devices like phones, tablets and laptops.


Interested passengers will simply need to pull out their eligible devices like mobile phones, tablets or laptops and turn on the Wi-Fi to access the JetScreen network while in air. However, the JetScreen streaming service won’t be available to the users until they reach a certain altitude, and it will be only up snd running when the crew cabin informs about the same during the announcement. Below we have covered everything that you need to know about JetScreen. In case you are boarding a Jet Airways flight in the upcoming days, make sure you check out this article so you can make full use of this complimentary service by JetAirways.

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Jet senior vice-president for sales & marketing, Colin Neubronner has said during the launch "JetScreen is live on six of our 75 narrow-body aircraft, and we hope to introduce the facility on all our planes (narrow-body) by March. These facilities are available on two of our Delhi-Mumbai flights, apart from one each on the Delhi-Bangkok and Delhi-Lucknow sectors and two in the Southern sectors.”

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Undoubtedly, the airline has invested heavily into this technology as the official highlighted to the public. However, Jet remains one of the very few airlines in India to offer this service free of cost to its passengers. Air India had also started an IFE program in its planes long back, however, it soon went out of service. Back then, Vistara had also started a similar service, and it was only live on one of its aircrafts. SpiceJet followed suit and introduced its own In-Flight entertainment service “SpicEngage”, a service vastly similar to JetScreen.

Technology Behind JetScreen

JetScreen puts the on-board wireless streaming technology to use for its working. The technology has been licensed from the American company Global Eagle Entertainment, which remains a Global Leader in media content. Courtesy of this, Jet Airways avails 220 hours of media to the fliers which includes movies, television shows, music and games. Additionally, Jet also offers something special for the kids on-board under the JetKids label.

Neubronner had earlier said during the launch that the focus would be on deploying this technology in domestic fights, since the international flights already use fixed screens in the wide-body planes. However, JetScreen will cater to IFE in narrow-body aircrafts majorly in the Saarc and Gulf region. It is worth noting that by doing away with big screen on the rear side of the seats, the airlines will possibly be saving money in the long term. The resources which were required before for the maintenance of the displays along with the software will now be cut since there will be no direct usage of hardware on-board by the hands of the passengers. Instead, the focus will now be on availing the content to the fliers via wireless method. The device on which the content will be consumed will be owned by the fliers themselves. It is due to this, that Jet Airways recommends its passengers to travel with their own headphones or audio devices.

How to Use JetScreen

To access JetScreen passengers will require a wireless-enabled device (802.11g/n) with a web browser. Further they will simply need to turn on Wi-Fi on their device while in Flight mode and join the JetScreen Wi-Fi network after which they will be asked to sign in to the network. However, for viewing some select content fliers will be required to download the free Airtime Player on their device. This process needs to be completed just once for viewing content on all Jet Airways flights. The ‘Airtime Player’ application will be essential to access the entire range of content available on JetScreen. However, users will only need to install this application only once on their devices to truly use Jet Screen service in its entirety. In case you want to install the required ‘Airtime Player’ app on any of your devices, you can follow the below mentioned steps.

JetScreen app for Apple device:

Please download the free Airtime Player from the app store any time prior to the flight. If you do not install the Airtime Player on your apple device prior to your flight, you will not be able to access any content on board.

JetScreen app for Android device:

You can download the free Airtime Player from the Playstore any time prior to the flight or even once you are on board the aircraft.

JetScreen Content

As mentioned above, JetScreen users will have access to a wide variety of content on-board like movies, music, games and TV. Under the movies section, JetScreen will offer some pretty renowned Bollywood and Hollywood titles. Same will be the case with the music library which will offer entire albums and chosen tracks across many genres like pop, rock, metal, electronic, classical and more. However, the games will be limited on the JetScreen app with two to three options. Jet Airways has also highlighted that due to the constant feedback process some new games might be added in future and some old ones might be removed. TV content will also be offered as part of this service as well.

Another striking and useful feature which the JetScreen IFE service will offer is of flight tracking and information. In a separate section while using JetScreen, fliers will be able to track their flight in real-time, know the estimated arrival time of their flight, current ground speed and also the altitude of their aircraft.

Summarising, it can be said that JetScreen is a pretty useful service for the fliers of Jet Airways, especially given the fact that the IFE service remains complimentary as of now makes it all the more interesting. Armed with this knowledge, when you board a Jet Airways fight next time, you can make full use of JetScreen.

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