Kannur International Airport Retail and Food Guide: Check Out Food, Shopping and Other Outlets

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Kannur International Airport Limited (KIAL) is the newest operational airport in India and is the fourth airport in the Kerala state. Situated in the northern Kerala coast city of Kannur, the airport is of prime importance for a lot of travellers whether they are travelling for business or leisure. In a very short span of time, Kannur International Airport has seen new routes, participation from a lot of airlines and these routes connecting Kannur to other cities only seems to be growing day by day. Given the UAE expat population in Kannur, the location of the airport is also very strategic and as such, there are many airlines connecting Kannur to gulf countries like UAE, Kuwait, Muscat and more.


However, with all this being said if you are a traveller and if you are soon going to have a chance to visit Kannur International Airport as part of your itinerary, then here are some of the shopping and food places that you should know about. In case you are craving for that early morning breakfast or if you want to indulge in some retail therapy, then these places mentioned below will be a perfect choice.

Food Joints 

Passengers travelling via international flights through Kannur airport will see two food joints - Samovar and Zam Bar in the international Security Hold area. Both of these joints will be the optimum choice for the passengers in case they want to have any hot or cold beverage, like tea or juices. The Zam Bar food joint will cater to the customers who would like to taste something with a South Indian flavour. In this area, passengers will also find Local sweets savouries and snacks with The Lotus House shop situated right next to it. Here, the customers will be able to get the food as per their liking.

Retails Shops 

In the domestic Security Hold Area, the passengers will be pleased to find Fresc Co café where they will be able to satiate their taste buds with various beverages and snacks. Also, similar to the international security hold area, the passengers will find The Lotus Shop and the Local sweets savouries and snacks shop for their needs.

In the arrival forecourt area, Kannur Airport has a massive Haldiram's stall from where the travellers will be able to buy packaged snacks and sweets from Haldiram. Another big Haldiram shop at Kannur airport has been set up at the domestic arrival area. In the arrival forecourt area, the passengers will also find a Sweet Berry shop. Whereas, near the departures, there are two shops including Samovar and Alif bakery where travellers will be able to find beverages to their liking and some snacks as well.

If you would like to know more about the flights taking off and landing at Kannur International Airport, along with new flights details and the latest coverage on the Indian aviation sector, make sure to check our other stories.

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