Kerala Airport Quarantine Rules Passengers Must Know About

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Every state and city has become very strict in regards to the quarantine rules because of the wide-spread of coronavirus. Thus it becomes very important for the passenger travelling to any state to know about the rules which he/she needs to follow once they reach there. One important thing that the passengers must keep in mind while travelling is that every state has different rules. While there may be quite a few similar rules everywhere, but it is passenger’s responsibility that he/she familiarise themselves with the rules of the state they are travelling to. Let’s take a look at the Kerala airport quarantine rules and see what all a passenger needs to do when he/she is travelling to the state.kerala-airport-quarantine-rules-passengers-must-know

Kerala Airport Quarantine Rules

If you are flying to Kerala from an international destination, there are separate rules which you can find on different websites. But there are a few things which are the same for both domestic and international passengers. First is that thermal screening is mandatory for all the passengers that come to the state. Adding to this, for any passenger which shows even the slightest of symptoms of being infected with COVID19 will have to undergo a COVID test.

For passengers which do not show symptoms, they will be asked to undergo a 14 day home quarantine. But there is an exception to the quarantine rules. If the passenger is visiting the state with a business purpose or work purpose for a very short period, they are exempted from following the quarantine rules. They can stay in the state for up to 7 days without undergoing mandatory quarantine.

Passenger Obligations

There are a few obligations that every passenger needs to fulfil. First is that every passenger must download the Aarogya Setu app on their smartphones. Along with that, the passengers need to register on and obtain an e-pass. Upon reaching the airport, the passengers will have to show their e-pass to the health officials present at the airport and then undergo a 14 day home quarantine.

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