Kempegowda International Airport to Roll Out Paperless Biometric Self-Boarding by Q3 2019

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Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) in Bengaluru will hopefully be the first airport in the country to roll out face detection technology to replace manual check-in practice. The airport has completed the trial run at the end of March and is now in the process of developing the hardware. The Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL) is hoping to do a phased rollout of the new system from the third quarter of 2019 (Q3 2019). Digi-Yatra Airport Entry The face recognition technology instead of the boarding pass is a part of the Ministry of Civil Aviation’s Digi Yatra program. The Digi Yatra initiative intends to make the journey paperless by avoiding identity checks at multiple checkpoints. The passengers will be automatically processed based on the facial recognition system at the checkpoints such as entry point, entry into security check, and aircraft boarding. It will also facilitate self-bag drop and check-in using facial recognition technology. After KIA, the system will also come into force in other airports such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad. Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) has made an association with Portugal-based company Vision-Box to launch the paperless biometric self-boarding technology. BIAL finalized Vision Box after an RFP process. Now the airport is working on the central platform, after which it will integrate biometric boarding system of the airport with the platform. How to enroll in Digi Yatra The passenger has to create a Digi Yatra ID in a central system using details such as name, email ID, mobile number, and an identity card (Aadhaar, Voters ID, etc.). The passenger can quote this Digi Yatra ID while booking the ticket. The airlines who receive the Digi Yatra ID of the passenger will pass this information to the departure airport mentioned. Digi Yatra Process at Airport At the e-gate of the airport, the passenger has to scan his boarding pass/e-ticket. The system will validate the details and verify the passenger through face recognition, after which the e-gate will open for passenger entry. The passenger has to go through the same system to gain entry to the security area and aircraft boarding. Note: Only for the first-time usage of Digi Yatra system, the passenger has to go to the registration kiosk at the airport for validating the ID. If the Aadhaar card is used for registration, the verification will be done online. Else, a security personnel CISF will manually verify the passenger.

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