Kolkata Airport Gets In-Line Baggage Scanning Allowing Passengers to Save Time

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In-line baggage checking is one of the things that the flyers get in big airports. However, in smaller airports where the baggage scanning is not as robust, the flyers have to manually scan their bags before they proceed to check-in at the respective airline counters. Kolkata airport was one such airport where the passengers had to manually scan their luggage until now. But, this would no longer be the case for the flyers boarding flights from Kolkata airport. It is worth noting that a soft launch for the service was already live in Kolkata airport before today. But, now the service has been launched for a lot of other airlines.



Passengers from Kolkata Can Now Save Time

The flyers taking a flight from Kolkata airport should note that for GoAir and AirAsia, the in-line luggage scanning would not be available right now. The service would be available to the passengers of these airlines only after a few days. Kolkata airport director, Kaushik Bhattacharjee said about this new feature at the Kolkata airport remarking that the service would be available 24x7 at four portals in the domestic wing, whereas, it would be available on three wings over at the international wing.

GoAir and AirAsia Left Out for In-Line Scanning

The live trials for the service began at Thursday, however the concern before a wider launch was the shortage of the CTX machines and the scarcity of scanners behind the portals. But, Kolkata airport received more scanners on the weekend thus making sure that the full scanning facility can be kick-started on Monday. As for the other airlines, why the passengers of GoAir and AirAsia will have to wait for the in-line scanning facility is that the companies are using the services of a Spanish firm instead of a German firm like Siemens which other portals, or airlines are using.

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