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Lufthansa Faces Mid-Air Engine Glitch on Airbus A320neo Similar to GoAir and IndiGo

The incidences of engine trouble in the P&W Engine powered Airbus A320neos have been nothing new in the Indian aviation industry. In the last year, the two heavy users of these planes and the P&W engines, IndiGo and GoAir have faced up to 9 engine failures or shutdowns combined. But, this time an international airline has run into a glitch with one of its engines while taking off. The airline we are talking about here is the German carrier Lufthansa. The flight LH1392 which is an Airbus A320neo was taking off from Frankfurt to Prague while during the climb, the crew heard a loud bang from the engine. Although there was no mid-air engine failure the pilots decided to return back to Frankfurt and a safe landing was made 45 minutes after the takeoff. 


Lufthansa to Change Engine of Aircraft

Because of this incident, the return flight from Prague to Frankfurt had to be cancelled. Also, the aircraft which has the registration number, D-AINM, remains on the ground still and has not taken any flights. There will now be an engine change for the aircraft. A Lufthansa spokesperson also talked about the issue with the engine, “The inspection revealed damage to the Low-Pressure Turbine LPT #3 (last stage). Due to the damage, an engine change is unavoidable.” 

IndiGo and GoAir Facing Same Troubles

It is worth noting that Indian airlines, IndiGo and GoAir have also been facing a similar issue with the low-pressure turbine of the P&W Engines. The Indian aviation regulator, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has also ordered a change of the engines for the GoAir and IndiGo fleet. As a result, all the faulty P&W Engines in the fleet of these two airlines will be changed. Also, the Indian airlines might be the first one among many to change their engines faster than the international airlines and comply with the regulations. 

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