Lufthansa New Strict Face Masks Policy Explained

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Lufthansa, the biggest German airline, has now announced a new rule regarding masks' use by passengers inside the aircraft. The airline, just like any other, is very cautious for its passengers’ health and safety; more so at the time of the global pandemic. Lufthansa has been on edge with strict implementation of all the rules and regulations for passengers and staff during the age of social-distancing. The airline has specified the kind of masks passengers can wear when travelling to or from any of the German airports, read ahead to find what the rule is all about.


Lufthansa to Allow Only Select Quality Masks Inside Aircraft

According to a Business Insider report, Lufthansa has announced that a new face masks rule has been implemented since February 1, 2021, for all the passengers using the German airports for travelling. Any of the passenger who uses a cloth mask, scarf, or a visor to cover the face and the nose will be treated as someone who is travelling without regulatory protection.

The airline has specified the masks which it deems is safe to wear while travelling. These masks are N95, KN95, and FFP2. Lufthansa has directed each and every passenger as well as the staff to wear an approved mask both at the time of boarding or exiting the aircraft. The passengers are expected to follow this rule at the airport as well.

These rules are actually implemented by the German authorities. Wearing of unsafe face masks allows the exhaled air to escape through, which can prove to be fatal for someone’s life. The report highlights that this rule isn’t just restricted to German international airports, but many airports across the world.

The airline had initially asked the passengers to wear masks during travel when it resumed its services on May 4, 2020. But earlier, people could use scarfs and other kinds of clothes to cover their face. But now that allowance has been scrapped, and the passengers will have to wear the specified masks, or they might be stopped from travelling.

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