Marriott Bonvoy: World’s Best Hotel Loyalty Program

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Some of you might have heard about Marriott Bonvoy, but don’t know what it really is. So for those of you, Marriott Bonvoy is a loyalty program. Bonvoy comes from the word Bon Voyage. But it doesn’t just cover the loyalty program of Marriott. It includes Ritz-Carlton Rewards, Starwood Preferred Guest, and Marriott Rewards. This program isn’t much old and was introduced by the Marriott group back on January 16, 2019. The Marriott Bonvoy had over 120 million customers back in February 2019. Even though there is not a firm number of how many customers there are now, it is not hard to guess that a lot of people love this program. Marriott-Bonvoy-World’s-Best-Hotel-Loyalty-Program

Benefits of the Program

Since Marriott and its other brands are present in every part of the world, you will get options to avail its benefits in almost every travel destination you go to. There are many benefits for you if you are a Marriott Bonvoy member. You can elevate your stays. For the different number of days which you stay in the hotel, you will earn statuses accordingly. For different members of different statuses, there are different benefits. One of the best benefits of being an Elite member of the program is that your points will never expire. So you can take advantage of them for a lifetime. And to earn points is not a hard task at all, the more you book your stays with any of the hotels covered under the program, the more points you earn. Some of the other benefits which you get with Marriott Bonvoy is Free Wi-Fi, mobile check-in, and mobile key. It will be ensured that your stay converts into a VIP experience for you which you will never forget. There are also benefits of getting free nights in different hotels with the program.

How to Earn Marriott Bonvoy Reward Points?

Marriott describes the program as ‘earning while sleeping’. Literally, that’s true. The more you book your stays with the Marriott Hotels and partners, the more nights you sleep there, the more points you earn. There are 7000+ hotels under the brand which cover the benefits of this program and helps a customer in earning Marriott Bonvoy reward points. Different partners of the Marriott group have been categorised differently so you earn different amount of points on the basis of each dollar spent. Even on the events which you host on any of the Marriott hotels or partners, you will earn a handsome amount of Bonvoy points. You can even buy points. That’s right, you can even purchase Bonvoy points. Not only can you purchase them, but also gift them to any of your loved ones. These points can be again used by your loved ones to book hotel stays and get many more benefits. Marriott Bonvoy sells different amount of points under different packages.

Redeeming Your Points

You can use your points in more than one way. One is, if you have a certain amount of Marriott Bonvoy points, then you can use them to get a completely free stay. But say if you don’t have the bare minimum of points required to get a completely free stay, you can use some of your cash and some of your points to book yourself a stay. You can save up many points and then redeem them all at once.

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