ME3 Is Dominating The Indian Air Space, Know The Reason Why

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Indian aviation is filled with international airlines, and amongst them, ME3 is dominating the Indian air space. ME3 is refereed to the three international airlines – Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways. How did Indian airlines fall behind the ME3 in terms of capturing the international market for customers? It is not at all hyping to say that Emirates is one of the best airlines in the world with its luxurious services. So there is no surprise that people who can afford it will board Emirates without thinking much. The same is with Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways; people love their comfortable seats and services when they go out to some foreign land. me3-is-dominating-the-indian-air-space

No Real Competition From Indian Airlines

One reason that ME3 is dominating the Indian air space is that there is no real competition from Indian airlines. Right now, there is only one long haul international air carrier in India – Air India. Added to this, Air India also has a minimal number of routes under its belt. Then there are other international airlines in India as well, such as Lufthansa, Srilankan Airways, and British Airways. But none of these airlines offers even the tiniest bit of routes that the ME3 offer together.

Massive Investments and Many Destinations Under The Belt

The ME3 has made substantial investments on the purchase of aircraft, crew and other necessary equipment for the Indian market. Emirates alone flies to nine Indian cities, Qatar Airways to thirteen and Etihad Airways to ten. Qatar Airways has also entered into a codeshare agreement with India’s biggest airline; IndiGo. There is seamless connectivity offered by the ME3 airlines throughout India by connecting to most of the major cities of the country. Also, the exit of Jet Airways, which also flew to several international destinations gave more space and customers to the ME3. Lastly, one more important reason for why ME3 is dominating the Indian air space is that Indians love middle-east countries and travel there quite often for business and pleasure both.

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