Middle Seat Unoccupied Regime Will Push Airlines for Non-Operation: Aviation Minister

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The entire Indian Aviation Industry is facing massive financial distress because of the deadly virus. Since the government has imposed lockdown until 17 May 2020, all commercial operations have been banned except cargo and rescue flights. Both Airlines and Airports are following the safety protocols directed by the government. Since the Airlines might have to leave the middle seat vacant to encourage social distancing, Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has stated that leaving the middle seat vacant will not be an option for Airlines to promote social distancing. Airlines will have to come up with a different solution.


Airlines Already Functioning on Lower Margins

Hardeep Singh Puri addressed the CNBC-TV 18 and stated that Airlines nearly operates on lower margins. So, they will have to come up with a different solution to eliminate the threat of Covid-19 while travelling. Also, operating 1/3 capacity of the Aircraft will not help the carriers. If the Airlines will be forced to keep the middle seat vacant, they might not operate flights.

Domestic Operations Will Be Executed in Green Zones

Civil Aviation Minister also stated that once the government lifts the restriction, the aviation industry will resume operations. He also said that domestic operations will only operate in places where both arrival and departure cities will be in the green zone. In case if the cities are in the red or orange area, operations will not happen. Since the cities present in the three zones are being changed frequently, Airlines will face difficulty in operations. As of International operations, once the domestic operation will start easily and safely, international flights will resume. Also, all the necessary arrangements have been made in Airports to encourage social distancing around the premises. The government will also issue safety protocols for passengers once the domestic operations resume.

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