Ministry of Civil Aviation Liberates 13 Companies to Operate Drones on Experimental Basis

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The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) has liberated 13 companies to operate drones. All the companies which will be operating drones will also not have to provide the unique identification number and operation permit. However, it will be just valid until September 30, 2020. Google-backed Company Dunzo and the famous drone maker Throttle Aerospace were already planning to operate BVLOS Flights in the month of April. But due to the outbreak of Covid-19, their plans went down in vain.


Pilots Indulged in Drone Operations Will be Part of BVLOS Flights

The companies which have been liberated by MoCA are the Nandan Nilekani backed ShopX, Google-backed up Dunzo, Drone Maker Throttle Aerospace and One Drone by SpiceJet. MoCA has also stated that pilots who will be operating drones for transporting goods will also be included in the BVLOS Experimental Drone operations which were planned by DGCA back in 2019. Though the Ministry of Civil Aviation has provided the freedom to these companies, final approval by DGCA is still under process. However, Google-backed up Dunzo and Drone Maker Throttle Aerospace has already received support for BVLOS drone operations.

Experimental Flights Will be Conducted with Rotatory Wing Drones

MoCA has stated that BVLOS experimental drones will be important for the public interest. Also, the drones which will be used for operations will have rotatory wings and will be used by trained operators under the supervision of the monitoring team. The MoCA order has also stated that drones will be operated under airspace boundary which has been approved by the Airports Authority of India. As reported by Economic Times, two companies owned by ANRA technologies have also made to the list of companies who will be allowed to operate done. Also, online food delivery giant Swiggy is a partner of ANRA in one of its two companies.

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