Mumbai Airport Quarantine Measures: Mandatory Institutional Quarantine

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Every state that you fly to will have some quarantine rules that you will have to follow. You should be aware of the quarantine measures of the state you are flying to. There are different rules for both domestic and international travellers for some states. There are different quarantine measures set by the government for business travellers flying for a short period. Although the flights are being operated at a limited capacity, the risk of being infected is still there. So quarantine measures make sense. If you are flying to the Mumbai airport, there are quarantine measures you should be aware of.


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Mumbai Airport Quarantine Measures for International Travellers

A passenger coming from a Vande Bharat flight to Mumbai airport will have to go under a 7-day institutional quarantine. But this will be only when he/she exits the airport. In case of a connecting flight, they will follow quarantine rules of the state they are flying to. After the 7 days of institutional quarantine, 7 days of home quarantine is also mandatory.

For travellers exiting the airport to go by road to their state, they will also have to follow the same quarantine rules since they are technically exiting the airport. The quarantine measures will also apply on passengers coming from other international flights to Mumbai airport.

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Rules for Domestic Travellers

For domestic travellers flying to Mumbai airport, they will also have to undergo a 14-day quarantine. But they will be home quarantined for the complete 14 days. In case you are arriving at the Mumbai airport and leaving within 7 days, quarantine measures do not apply. If you have a connecting flight from Mumbai, then you will follow the quarantine rules of the state you are flying to.

All the passengers travelling from or to Mumbai airport should have the Aarogya Setu app on their device. Along with that, they should also carry a self-declaration form. In addition to that, before leaving the airport, you will have to go through thermal screening.

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