Mumbai Airport Social Distancing Norms to Ensure Safety of Passengers

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Airports are back in action from May 25, 2020, as the domestic flights have resumed. Passenger safety is the biggest concern for airport authorities and airlines. Even the passengers will be worried about how safe flying is going to be. Mumbai Airport has introduced a new set of rules to ensure that passengers have safe travel experience. Social distancing norms have been put into place and passengers will have to strictly follow them. The Mumbai Airport has come up with a ‘touchless process’ which will allow the passengers to board their plane without getting into contact with anyone or anything else.

Check-In Counters Turned to Baggage Drop Facility

You are going to find a whole new system of checking-in and dropping your bags at the Mumbai airport. Check-in counters of the airport have been converted to baggage drop spots. But that’s not just it, the passengers who are coming to board a plane, they need to web check-in themselves and then put a printed baggage tag on their luggage. Along with that, a printed form of your boarding pass is required as well. Earlier, the flyers used to hand over the documents they carried with them for verification. But now, it will be done through a magnifying glass at the counter which will have a plastic shield in front.

Security Check at Mumbai Airport

Mumbai Airport in order to ensure social distancing, have modified their security checking rules as well. During the security check, there is a high chance of transmitting the virus from one person to another. One of the big reasons is that the use of plastic trays to pass through personal belongings such as wallets and mobiles. So a task force at the airport will ensure that extensive cleaning of the trays are carried out when they are used once. Another big security check rule change at Mumbai airport is that if the passenger passes through the metal detector without getting beeped, he/she isn’t going to be frisked. Also, the passengers can now scan their boarding passes themselves to ensure ‘touchless boarding.’

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