Navi Mumbai Airport Work to Get Stalled by Two Years

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The problem of overload and excessive air and passengers traffic at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai has lead to an increased focus on the development of the new Navi Mumbai airport. However, it is very highly likely that the plan of Navi Mumbai airport might get delayed by as much as two years. Last we heard about Navi Mumbai airport, the government was on the task of acquiring lands from ten villages to construct the airport and to build the runway. However, much of the work has been stalled and to add to the woes, the current economical slowdown in the country is not making things any better. If constructed, the Navi Mumbai airport would be the first green field international airport in the country. 



Actual Construction of Building Yet to Start

Going by the words of Lokesh Chandra, MD of state-owned City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO), which is the nodal agency for the airport project, the hillocks have been levelled on which the airport is to be constructed, meaning that the ground is ready for construction, but the actual construction of the airport is being stalled and has not yet begun which is likely to cause a delay in the project. 

Government Yet to Acquire Additional Land for Runway

As for the land which is required for the project, the Navi Mumbai airport will require 2,268 hectare out of which 1,160 hectare has already been levelled. But, there is a requirement for an additional 671 hectare of land which the government has to acquire from the villages by compensating the people. While much of the land on which the Navi Mumbai airport will be constructed is owned by government, some chunk of it is also owned by the people. The additionally required 671 hectare is the one on which the runway will be constructed, hence being a crucial piece of land. As per the officials, this whole process may cause a delay of up to 2 years. 

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