Pack Light For Flights By Following a Few Simple Tips and Tricks

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Even after travelling from flights for a long time, some people don’t learn how to pack light. Packing light isn’t just about carrying less stuff. It is about carrying the most stuff you can smartly. If you don’t pack light, it can be a nightmare for you. Flights aren’t cheap in the first place and then being put in a position to pay more for luggage feels just like a nightmare. This is why you should understand the concept of packing light and smartly. There are many things that you can change and consider when packing for a trip. The art of packing light won’t just help you with flights, but also with the other mode of transports. You don’t want to carry extra stuff anywhere where it is not required. So let’s start with learning about how you can pack light for flights.


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Pack Light by Following the basics

What are the basics? If you don’t know, keep reading ahead. So mentioned below are the points that you can follow to pack light for flights:


A luggage bag is the foundation of your packing for a trip. If you are carrying a very heavy luggage bag, then even when you keep less stuff, it will be heavy. The key is to find luggage bags which are very light in weight. But at the same time, you want to carry more luggage as well so they need to be big as well. Generally, bags which are lesser than 10 pounds (4.54 Kg) are considered light. Anything above that weight is simply not light in weight. Whichever bag or suitcase that you choose, remember to check if they have enough compartments and pockets to help you be organised.

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Clothes comprise the majority of our luggage. Keeping them in check is very important. So first of all, to pack light for flights, don’t carry clothes that you ‘might’ wear. Check the itinerary of your trip and see what kind of clothes you will have to wear in each of the events or places that you have to visit. Keep clothes that you can mix and match with other clothes so that you can wear fresh combinations every time. Also, keep clothes which have very light fabric.


Shoes are again something which is a part of your look. So if there are important meetings that you are going to attend and need formal shoes, then pack a pair. You can wear casual ones while travelling and keep a pair of flip-flops as well which are light in weight. You can also keep the shoes in your hand-baggage or cabin luggage instead of checking-in the luggage to make more space for clothes and other essential items.


Every one of us carries a lot of electronic items such as iPads, laptops, and e-readers. You should be very careful with the weight of the electronic items that you are carrying. While it is not much in your hand if your laptop weighs a lot, it is in your hand to know it before you reach the airport. Don’t carry excessive clothes when you are carrying a laptop, iPad or a tablet device with you.

Key Tips to Help You Pack Light

Understand that every little bit of space helps when you want to pack light for flights. Keep the clothes folded in a very organised way to make space in your luggage and carry stuff which is light in weight. If you are going on a trip of 3 to 4 days, don’t pack clothes for a whole week. Be smart with your cloth selection. If you have any tips on how a person can pack light for flights or any other transport medium, leave it on the comments section below.

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