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If you are planning to go to Singapore, GoHoliday has the best offers for you and your friends. The airline has been very punctual with its timings and has received much appreciation for the same. It has some of the most intriguing international packages at the lowest cost you can imagine. Like any other travel packages, GoAir will take care of your every amenities from travelling to staying in a hotel. GoHoliday have several categories of packages for people to choose from. It ranges from the cheapest to most luxuries plans you can get. GoAir also allows you to make your custom-designed plan where you can select which part of the city you will tour, what kind of hotel you will stay in and everything else. You just have to go to their official website to book your trip.


Travel In Style With Budget Trips From GoAir

If you don’t have a lot of money with you to spare, don’t worry, GoAir has some budget-friendly packages just for you. Singapore can be quite expensive when air travel, food, conveyance, and hotel costs are accumulated. GoAir has very wisely distributed the costs to create the cheapest plan possible for people to choose from.

One of them is the base plan’s is Budget Singapore For First Timers. So if you are travelling to Singapore for the first time, you can select this plan. It is a four-night and five days trip. It will cost you Rs 14,899. Even though the cost is less, you will still get a three-star hotel in which you will be provided with complimentary breakfast. An agent from GoAir will coordinate with you upon your arrival at the Singapore airport. You will have to pay for your lunch and dinner there. You can choose to eat wherever you want to. You can roam around the city and do anything that you want to do. You will have to travel in seat-in-coach category vehicles which mean that it is either a shared cab or buses which you will be sharing with other people. However, you can choose to travel in private vehicles but for that additional charges will apply.

A Class Experience Tour of Singapore And Malaysia With GoHoliday

You can even choose a package where you will get to travel to Singapore and Malaysia as well. It will be a much expensive package but it will be worth it. Your trip will be divided between days where you will spend a few in Singapore and few at Malaysia. There are also packages which include cruise trips. It won’t be just cruise trips, you will also get to visit Sentosa Island, Universal Studios and the famous Night Safari.

There are a few things that you have to know before choosing a trip to Singapore, there will be no guides provided to you when you are on sightseeing tours. You will also have to take care of the timings of the planned itinerary. The drivers will be very punctual and if you miss the time slot, you will have to arrange your mode of conveyance to reach the destination.

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