Qantas Airways International Operations Might Not Start Until July 2021

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The Australian flag carrier Qantas Airways has suspended all the international operations from its schedule in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic. Since the deadly virus started to break, global aviation was affected drastically. Australia reacted to the situation quickly and closed its border. Currently, the airline will operate in its domestic schedule. However, it is expected that Qantas Airways might fly to some parts of New Zealand in late 2021. As of the current situation, all the inventory has been removed, and customers will see no active flights for international trips. It is important to note that Qantas Airways has just removed the inventory for all international routes. The flights might be mixed in the coming days.

International Operations Might Not Start Until July 2021

Qantas Airways CEO Alan Joyce stated that the suspension of international flights could stretch out in next year. Earlier, he predicted that the international operations of the airline might not start until July 2021. He also stated that the airline has to be position itself in a situation where revenues will be lower, and the operations of the airline will be small in future. Currently, Qantas Airways has suspended all the international flights through October 2020. However, some parts of New Zealand have been exempted from the suspension of services from the airline.

Qantas Airways has Retired Six Boeing 747’s

Qantas Airways has not just cancelled the international operation. The Australian flag carrier has grounded its fleet of double-decker A380 planes. A380 aircraft is the most preferred aircraft which is used in long-haul international routes. Apart from this, the carrier has also grounded six Boeing 747’s and superjumbo jet. The move by the airline is taken to remove financial distress caused due to the extended aviation restrictions by the government to combat the deadly virus.

Even though the international operations are closed, some of the international airlines are operating to and from Australia to supply essential travellers and cargo on board. It is expected that essential cargo supply and travel will continue in future and no ban will be implemented on the same.

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