Qatar Airways to Reward Frontline Healthcare Professionals with 1,00,000 Complimentary Tickets

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Qatar Airways is one of the leading airlines in the world. In its way of thanking people who have been continuously working day in and out during the times of crisis, the airline is going to reward them with complimentary airline tickets. All the frontline healthcare professionals from any part of the world are eligible for claiming complimentary tickets for themselves. The airline is going to be rewarding 1,00,000 free tickets to healthcare professionals. The tickets will be given on first come and first serve basis. Qatar Airways has been active 24/7 during the time of global pandemic and has helped over a million stranded people in going back to their homes by organising repatriation flights for them.



Details Regarding the Qatar Airways Complimentary Tickets

To make sure that the application process for the complimentary tickets is fair, the airline is allocating each country, tickets every day according to the size of the population. The offer has started from 1 AM on May 12, 2020, and will last till midnight of May 18, 2020. You can go to the airline’s website for applying between the eligible period. Each healthcare professional can book up to two tickets for Economy Class, one for them and one for their companion. There are no restrictions on the route or destinations; you can fly anywhere you wish to. The tickets must be booked before November 26, 2020, and the last valid travel date is December 10, 2020. You can make unlimited changes to your flight without any extra charge. Only airport taxes will apply.

Qatar Airways Takes Proper Care of Hygiene

Qatar Airways pays attention to the hygiene standards of its flights. The airline disinfects its aircraft regularly and uses cleaning products which the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends. All of the Qatar Airways aircraft are equipped with industrial-size HEPA filters which can remove 99.97% of the bacterial and viral contaminants from the cabin atmosphere. The airline also conducts proper thermal-screening of its crew to ensure that everyone has a safe flight with them. In addition to all the offers from Qatar Airways, the airline is also offering the healthcare professionals vouchers with 35% discount which can be used in the airline's retail outlets.

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