Qatar Airways During Ramadan: What To Expect

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Ramadan is around the corner, and Muslims all over the world are going to start fasting. Qatar Airways has been able to maintain regular passenger flights amidst the global pandemic. The airline is flying to destinations such as Australia, UK, and Europe. The airline lounges are still open. What has seen a slight cut-back is the in-flight services. During Ramadan, Muslims are required to hold themselves from eating and drinking any food before the prayers that take place in the evening. But, the Muslims who are travelling or are unwell can make an exception and eat and drink. Non-Muslim travellers boarding with Qatar can still find a variety of snacks during Ramadan, but there will be a restriction in the alcoholic beverages.


Will Qatar Serve Passengers Food Like Usual During Ramadan?

The answer to this question is yes, it will. However, it won’t be in the same manner. Because, while it is Ramadan, there is also a global pandemic in the world. So chances are, the food items will be laid back a little and served in a way which ensures social distancing. Apart from this, non-Muslim travellers shouldn’t find any significant difference during the time of Ramadan. In the past, Qatar provided Muslim travellers with Iftar boxes so that they can break their fast in the evening regardless of whether they were in the sky or the airport lounge. However, these boxes are not going to be distributed again this year because of the ongoing global pandemic.

What Are The Rules For Serving Alcoholic Beverages During Ramadan?

Qatar Airways During Ramadan still offers soft-drinks and beverages such as coffee and tea. But alcoholic drinks are restricted by the airline. If the travellers still want it, they can have it, but the airline crew won’t be too chirpy about it. Everything will be done discreetly by the airline to not make anyone else uncomfortable. The menu will not show any alcoholic beverages. So in case you want alcoholic drinks, you will have to ask the cabin crew to make your preferred drink. Also, chances are that you will have to wait until your flight takes off for that drink. You won’t find any bottles in the showcase cart of the economy class.

What About Airport Lounges, Is Alcohol Served There?

Traditionally, Qatar Airways during Ramadan doesn’t serve alcoholic beverages. But this year around, it is said that the airline will continue to serve alcoholic drinks in the airport lounges. But again, bottles will be hidden from the view of passengers, and the passengers can still request for drinks if they want.

Other Airlines Which Make Changes During Ramadan

The airlines which are from a Muslim nation only bring changes to their services. Airlines such as Etihad Airways, Oman Air, Gulf Air and many more also change their services during Ramadan. Most of these airlines though are grounded because of the ongoing global pandemic. You should remember a few things when flying or travelling during Ramadan. In most of the Muslim countries, people who are seen drinking and eating in certain areas before the sunset are committing an illegal activity, so ensure that you don’t become one of those people. Chewing something as small as gum is also not allowed. So avoid eating and drinking when you are not on the flight or at the airport. It is considered proper etiquette when people drink and eat discreetly during Ramadan in front of other people who are fasting.

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