Singapore Airlines Will Acquire 1000th Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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Singapore Airlines is all set to receive the 1000th Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Dreamliner Aircraft is one of the most popular aircraft types in the aviation industry. As per the reports of Aeronews, the 1000th Boeing 787 Dreamliner was named as 9V-SCP which made its debut flight on April 03, 2020. The flight operated from the production facility of Boeing which is situated in South Carolina. Boeing took nine full years to produce its 1000th 787 Dreamliner which is a milestone for the company as well as the entire aviation industry.



Boeing 787 Dreamliner Dominates Singapore Airlines Aircraft Space

Singapore Airlines has already placed a lot of trust in the aircraft type. The Airlines acquired its first Boeing 787 in March 2018. On occasion, the CEO of Singapore Airlines Mr Goh Choon Phong stated that 787 is one of the best Aircraft in the industry. The acquisition of Boeing 787 will help the airlines to expand their network operations and increase the credibility of the airlines. Currently, Singapore Airlines have 15 Boeing 787 Dreamliner under its operations. However, Singapore Airlines is also planning to add 48 new Boeing 787 Dreamliner Aircraft in a few years.

Boeing 787 is the Best Selling Aircraft

Boeing 787 Dreamliner is one of the most respectable and most selling Aircraft in the entire aviation industry. The Aircraft attracts a lot of Airlines because of its flexibility and agility in operations. Not only this, but Boeing 787 is also relatively cheaper for the airlines and it has a respectable flying range. In a short span of time, the Aircraft has gained limelight in the industry and now it is visible in many airports around the world. The demand of Boeing 787 is increasing as more Airlines are operating the inexpensive and decent Aircraft. It is expected that the Boeing 787 will increase the production units in the near future.

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