Singapore Airlines Revamps Boeing 737-8 Aircraft Interior With New Cabin Products

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Singapore Airlines (SIA) will roll out new cabin products on its Boeing 737-8 aircraft in the coming weeks. The airline has invested around $230 million in developing, designing, and installing the new industry-leading cabin products. SIA’s 737-8 aircraft will progressively enter into service on short to medium-haul flights across the airline’s network in the coming weeks.

SIA adds Lie-flat design, more space and privacy features added to Business Class seats

The Business Class seats in the aircraft would now feature ample storage spaces and HD touch screen monitors that can provide an experience akin to home theatre. The passengers can now recline the Business Class seats directly into a comfortable full-flat bed. The seats are also designed to wrap smoothly in a cocoon-like formation around the customer, enlarging personal space and offering better privacy.

A divider between the adjacent seats provides new storage space for personal items, as well as the bi-fold meal table. Other features include USB charging ports and an in-seat power supply, a reading light with adjustable brightness, mood lighting, and a pocket under the monitor that provides easy stowage during taxi, take-off and landing. The two standalone seats would also have additional table-tops and storage spaces and a side compartment equipped with a mirror and LED light.

Slim and sleek designs for Economy Class

Economy Class seats too have some changes, especially its sleek slim-line design. The seat comes with a contoured backrest for better support and a four-way adjustable headrest with foldable wings. A personal 10-inch high-definition touch-screen monitor with an integrated USB charging port is also fitted on every seat.

Improved Inflight entertainment and connectivity

SIA’s Boeing 737-8 fleet comes with Panasonic’s X-Series in-flight entertainment system. Among other features, the airline will roll out a new state-of-the-art 3D flight map, including over 20 distinct map views for different flight phases, such as 3D satellite imagery, local and global views, as well as a personalised feature that enables passengers to see the aircraft’s relative position to their selected map location throughout their flight.

Travellers can browse and create personalised playlists of movies, TV, or music available on KrisWorld via the mobile app even before they board the flight. They can control the media playback directly from their personal electronic devices.

SIA’s Boeing 737-8 fleet is also fitted with Panasonic’s in-flight Wi-Fi service powered by new modem and connectivity solutions. Customers would also use their smartphones to send and receive messages, e-mails and browse online via the mobile data service.

All of SIA’s 737-8 aircraft will have 154 seats in two classes, 10 in Business Class and 144 in Economy Class. The Business Class seats for new Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines are designed by London-based Factorydesign and manufactured by Thompson Aero Seating based in Craigavon, Northern Ireland. The Economy Class are built by Collins Aerospace.

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