Social Distancing Won’t Work in Airports: Heathrow Airport CEO

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Heathrow Airport CEO John Holland-Kaye has stated that social distancing arrangement at Airports will be failed as passengers would need to stand in a long 1 KM line to board the jumbo jet. He also stated that social distancing arrangements would not work in any form of public transport. In Aviation Industry, Insufficient Airport space will lead to the failure of Social distancing. John Holland-Kaye also addressed the prime minister Boris Johnson and marked that government must focus on setting international health standards in Air travel to revive the industry and save jobs.

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Passengers Entering Terminal Must Be Checked

Heathrow Airport CEO suggested that a primary safety measure must be taken by the Airport to ensure safe Air travel. He also indicated that passengers entering in the terminal must be checked and appropriately screened. If in any case, a passenger shows high temperature, they must be adequately tested further. Also, to ensure safety, Surgical marks must become the new norm and all the passengers in the Airport premises along with Airport staff must wear surgical masks and must disinfect themselves with sanitisers frequently.

Social Distancing at Airport Will Inflate Air Travel

Heathrow Airport CEO earlier marked that social distancing arrangement at Aircraft would reduce the capacity by nearly 50 %, which would further lead to a price hike of flight tickets. Since Airlines are suggesting to leave the middle seat vacant, it will leave the planes empty. Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary stated that temperature checks would help the authority to keep passengers safe. He also added that anyone over 38 degrees temperature must be denied entry. If Prime Minister Boris Johnson agrees on the common international standard for health in Air Travel, Aviation Industry will be one step ahead in reviving the economy which is currently down due to the global restrictions.

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