Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card: Best Card for Earning Miles?

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Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority credit card is one of the best card for earning miles. Why is that so? The answer is simple; because there are many rewards and perks/benefits of using this card if you are a frequent flyer. Frequent flying can be quite expensive, and so you would expect that you get some reward and benefit for doing so. That is why this card earns you points whenever you spend through it, and you can use those points by converting them into airline miles. The annual fee for the card is $149. However, your creditworthiness should be between really good and excellent to get this card on your hands.


Rewards of Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card

After you are done with the signing-up process and finally get the card on your hands, you are eligible for getting 40,000 bonus points credited into your account. But that depends on the fact that you are spending a minimum of $1,000 through the card in the first three months from the time your account is opened. Now when you book airline tickets, you earn points on that as well. When you book your flight with Southwest Airlines, you earn 2X points for every dollar that you spend. In Southwest Airlines itself, earn 1X points on all the other purchases that you make. On the anniversary of your card, you are eligible to win 7,500 bonus points. With that, you get a $75 Southwest annual travel credit as well. You can upgrade your flight four times with the card without paying anything extra for a maximum of four times in a year.

Travel Benefits of Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card

There are many travel benefits to the card. One is lost luggage reimbursement. If the airline loses your checked baggage or damages it, you can claim up to $3,000 for yourself or someone from your family. If your luggage is lost in the airport and arrives 6 hours or more late, then you will have the option of charging the airline by $100 every day for the first three days which you don’t get your luggage. Then there is the extended warranty protection benefit. If an American Manufacturer warrants your baggage, then you will get an additional year worth of warranty on your luggage. If you have purchased something new recently, then you can get Purchase Protection from this card. So whichever new thing that you bought, you will get a cover on it for 120 days against any damage for a value of up to $500 and $50,000.

Now with the Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card, you can make foreign transactions without worrying about any overlying charges. There is no fees on international transactions from the bank. So usually, when you would spend $5,000 in international transactions, you would have to follow up with a charge of $150 for that. But with this card, that is not an issue anymore. You won’t have to pay for anything. Now you can also use this card for contactless paying. Just tap the contactless symbol against the paying machine, and it will set you up for a new transaction. All these benefits make the Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card one of the best card for earning miles in the market at the moment. You can be very flexible with the card and spend on other places such as for dining outside or booking hotels and still get many benefits of the card.

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