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SpiceCare from SpiceJet is a medical tech company which is found by Mr Dhananjai Agrawal and Mr Rajesh Agrawal. The company’s sole focus is to ensure safe and healthy travel for their customers. The company is looking to provide all the health services to people in a single platform so that they don’t have to deal with the complicated medical process that tourism often entails. According to the company’s website, SpiceCare understands the individualistic needs of each person and therefore will put all of its efforts in solving their issues and keep them safe and healthy. SpiceCare’s mission statement is pretty clear, they want to be the best medical tourism company there is, and along with that, they want to add economic growth to our country.


Services Offered By SpiceCare

SpiceCare services are not just limited to healthcare problems. They are a platform you can use to solve most of your travelling queries and issues with the airline. SpiceCare offers Medical Services. In the website, when you go to the Medical Services, you will have an option of choosing the city you live in and then contacting your hospital or doctor. If not, then you can also select a city of your liking where you want to have your treatment for a said problem and then give the approval to the airline. In case you are not sure about the doctor or the hospital, you are allowed to have second thoughts, and you can talk to the doctor in a video call and confirm your doubts. After your confirmation, your files will be sent to the doctor and the hospital of your liking by SpiceCare, and you can have your treatment.

Other Services Offered By SpiceCare

There are a lot more services than just healthcare services bundled under the SpiceCare website. If you want to engage in wellness activities, you can do that as well. If you don’t want to go for traditional medicines, then you can go for wellness activities which will keep your body healthy. You can learn Zumba or Yoga, whatever you feel like doing, you can do it. Then there is also visa assistance that you can get. People living in foreign can contact SpiceCare, and the company will help you in obtaining a request letter for the grant of visa. If you are a medical patient then travelling alone can be a serious issue, that is why you can get a Spice Buddy who will accompany you in your travel. He/she will ensure that you don’t face any medical issues alone while completing your journey.

Accommodation And Payments Not An Issue Anymore

If accommodation is a problem, SpiceCare will get it done for you. According to your budget, accommodation will be provided to you. Another thing you should remember when going out on a trip is that you don’t want to overspend on something. That is why, for you, SpiceCare will also manage travel arrangements and will overlook each activity where you can save money and will also ensure that you get the best quotes for your air or rail travel. SpiceCare’s team will cover everything for your comfortable journey. You don’t have to worry about paying a lot, SpiceCare will allow you to pay in foreign currency as well if you don’t have the local money of the country you are visiting. There are also different international payment methods accepted by SpiceCare, so you don’t have sweat about carrying vast amounts of cash with you when you step out for another country.

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