SpiceJet Animal Carriage Policies That Will Allow You to Safely Fly With Your Pet

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SpiceJet is undoubtedly one of the most trusted airlines in India. The airline has backed all of its promises from time to time and provided outstanding services at a considerable charge to their customers. Even SpiceJet has its loyalty membership program called SpiceClub. People who are enrolled in the program are entitled to some exclusive offers from the airline. But did you know that you can also take your pets with you when you are travelling with SpiceJet? SpiceJet Animal Carriage policies are something that you must know if you have a pet that you can’t fly without. Read ahead to find out more about it.


What Are SpiceJet Animal Carriage Policies?

SpiceJet animal carriage policies are very clear about which kind of animals you can carry which are alive. First of all, you should know that the airline’s Boeing B737-800 and 900 series. The airline does not allow the passengers to carry any of the live animals in the cabin. You have to take care of a few things though if you are planning to take animals with you. You must ensure that your animals are vaccinated and you have certificates for the same. Domestic pets which are carried by the airline would be treated as freight and will be kept in a controlled temperature and pressurised environment. When you carry your pets you have to keep them in a cage or a kennel which should have smooth edges and no pointed ends which are at the same time made with non-chewable items.

In case, some territories or areas which do not allow pets inside them then the airline won’t take the responsibility of those pets. The owner of the pet should know that he/she is responsible for complying with all the governmental customs and health requirements. Any injury or health risk that the pet has to be assumed by the owner of the pet only. SpiceJet animal carriage policies are also laid out specifically to the flyer before they board the flight and the airline also gets an official declaration indemnifying the airline from the customer. There can be situations where the pet has to be kept in quarantine which will be at the owner’s expense only.

Specifications You Should Know About SpiceJet Animal Carriage Policies

Before you think about taking your pet to fly with you, you should know whether the airline allows your pet in the plane or not. Since dogs are the most common pets, the airline has specified which breeds of dogs you can take with you. If your breed of dog comes under one of the dangerous ones, then chances are you can’t take them with you. You should check it once with the airline and its policies. There are also animal container specifications. You should check the airline’s latest updated size requirements for the animal requirements. If your animal is sick and has the potential threat of dying or infecting other animals on the plane then too the airline might not allow your pet. You should also be aware that you cannot carry any weaned puppies or kittens which are younger than 12 weeks are not allowed by the airline as well. SpiceJet animal carriage policies have a lot more specifications regarding each animal so it would be a wise thing to check with the airline in advance.

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