SpiceJet Baggage Allowance Policies, Extra Baggage Charges and All You Need to Know

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SpiceJet is one of the most beloved carriers in Indian aviation. The low-cost carrier operates 306 flights every day over 35 domestic and 6 international destinations. To provide premium class services to passengers, the airline gives extraordinary services under the brand SpiceMax, SpiceBiz and SpiceLounge where guests can get additional services and enhance their travel experience. If you’re an avid traveller or you’re boarding the plane for the first time, you might find yourself checking-in for a SpiceJet flight. Now when we talk about a smooth flying experience, we always double-check our baggage composition related to size, restricted items and other nuisance about it. But you don’t have to worry about that we have got you covered here with all the necessary details related to SpiceJet Baggage allowances and policies. Here is the complete information you need to know about the carrier’s baggage policy.



Hand-Baggage Approved in SpiceJet

For SpiceJet passengers travelling in domestic and international routes, the hand baggage can consist of one cabin bag which would weight around 7 kgs with a maximum overall dimension of 115 cms on Boeing flights and 108 cms on Bombardier flights which can include laptop and duty-free shopping bags. Also, if the Passenger is travelling with an infant, they will get another allowance of 7 kgs. As per the business class cabin allowances, the passengers can carry up to 10 kgs excluding laptop bags. In-Cabin baggage passengers will be allowed to carry items like a fully collapsible wheelchair or one pair of crutches, braces or any other prosthetic item on which they depend on. Portable Oxygen Concentrators will also be allowed in both carry-on as well as in checked-in baggage that would be free of cost. In case if a passenger is carrying Liquid items, they can carry a maximum volume of 100ml each, which will also be allowed in carry-on baggage. Including further power banks and e-cigarettes will be strictly allowed in cabin baggage only. Even if passengers are travelling light and select carriers hand baggage only fare but have check-in baggage, they will be charged fare type change fee of Rs 400.

Check-in Baggage Approved In SpiceJet

The carrier allows free check-in of 15 kgs per Passenger for all domestic bookings. If you’re travelling in business class, you will be allowed 30 kgs of checked-In baggage per Passenger in domestic routes and 35 kgs per Passenger on an international route. Also if a passenger is boarding from a domestic flight to an international flight, the airlines will provide free baggage allowance for the international sector only. Also, if SpiceJet domestic flight is connected to another airline to or from an international destination, the check-in baggage allowance will remain at the 15 kgs limit. But passengers can purchase excess baggage for both domestic connections and international travel.

Special Items and Excess Baggage

SpiceJet considers a lot of exclusive items and allows the passengers to carry them on the plane. In case if a passenger is carrying weapons and ammunitions they have to pay a fee of Rs 5,000, and they will be allowed to take one licensed firearm which can be a revolver, pistol or rifle and they will not entertain more than 50 live cartridges or as mentioned in Passenger’s license whichever is less. Defence forces, Para military forces will be exempted from the fare if they carry an official statement by their department. Also, passengers will be allowed to carry alcohol around 5 litres of alcohol percentage between 24% and 70% in check-in baggage. Once in a blue moon, you might carry more luggage than allowed on an airline. In those cases, you might be required to pay extra charges that are over the permitted limit. SpiceJet will charge Rs 400 for every additional kg in domestic routes and international flights operated by SpiceJet the costs will depend on the destination.

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