SpiceJet Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Faces Mid-Air Engine Issues, Flight Diverted

SpiceJet Flight which was coming from Hong Kong to Delhi was rerouted when one of its engine faced an issue

  • SpiceJet Flight SG-32 from Hong Kong to Delhi was Diverted to Varanasi.
  • The reason for Diversion has been found to be mid-air engine issue.

After an IndiGo flight faced Pratt and Whitney engine issues and had to return to its source mid-way, there has been another news of a mid-air engine issue this time on a SpiceJet Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. This SpiceJet flight had taken off from Hong Kong and was headed towards Delhi, while mid-air it faced an engine snag and had to be diverted to Varanasi. The flight made an emergency landing in Varanasi and passengers were deplaned at the airport.


DGCA Issues Statement

An official from the Director General of Civil Aviation also remarked about this incident of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and said that it faced mid-air engine issues and had to make an emergency landing. A SpiceJet spokesperson also said that the flight landed safely in Varanasi and passengers were deplaned normally.

When asked about this issue, the officials noted that Flight SG-32 was diverted because it was facing low fuel supply issue in its no. 1 engine. The issue was observed by the pilots after which the flight was diverted to Varanasi. The spokesperson added to his words, “On inspection, a fuel control valve (a minor component) was found to have malfunctioned and is being replaced.”

Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Shows Signs of Trouble

It is worth noting that only a few days ago, in a similar case, an IndiGo flight going from Chennai to Kolkata had to be flown back to Chennai after facing a mid-air engine trouble. Aircrafts manufactured by Airbus with Pratt and Whitney engines have been facing issues lately, as reported by IndiGo and GoAir. Same is the case with Boeing 737 MAX planes, which are currently flown by SpiceJet and Jet Airways.

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