SpiceJet Carry More Onboard Offers 12 Kgs Cabin Baggage Allowance

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SpiceJet is the second-largest carrier in domestic aviation. With a market share of 13.6 %, the airline operates in multiple destinations across the world. With contemporary interiors, modern graphics and vibrant colours, SpiceJet offer a world-class flying experience to their passengers without burning their pockets. The carrier also provides SpiceMax, Priority Check-in services, seat plus meal combo offer and many more to passengers boarding in SpiceJet flights. To make the journey more comforting, SpiceJet offers exclusive add-on benefits to passengers which gives them a taste of the carrier’s hospitality. If the passengers are looking for business class services, they can opt for SpiceBiz, and if they want to enjoy the benefits of Lounge Services, they can opt for SpiceLounge passes. One of the hottest deals under the SpiceJet additional services is the Carry More Onboard under which passengers get extra hand baggage allowance in both domestic and international routes. Here we’ll cover all the details and baggage allowance that SpiceJet offers Under Carry More Onboard offer.



Benefits Under SpiceJet Carry More Onboard

If the passengers want to carry more hand baggage with them during their journey with SpiceJet’s Carry More On Board, they Can carry extended allowance by paying a nominal fee for the upgrade. Usually, passengers get a 7 kgs standard hand baggage allowance when they board in SpiceJet flights. However, under the offer, passengers will get an additional allowance of 5 kgs on board (MAX 12 KGS) by paying the fees mentioned in the carrier’s website. Passengers must note that the allowance will be in addition to the standard allowed cabin baggage of 7 kgs.

SpiceJet has also noted that Physical dimensions of the bags must be under the current permissible limit. If the dimension goes beyond the allowable limit, passengers will not be allowed to carry their cabin baggage on board. If the passengers are boarding on Boeing flights the dimensions must not exceed 115 cms (L+B+H), and if they are travelling in Bombardier Q400 flights, the dimensions must not exceed 108 cms(L+B+H). So under the offer, passengers will be allowed to carry heavier cabin baggage on board rather than bags exceeding the dimension limit. To make their travel experience more comforting and get optimum space for their cabin hand baggage passengers must opt for SpiceJet Carry More Onboard.

Pricing of SpiceJet Carry More Onboard

To avail the benefits of Carry More Onboard offer if the passengers are booking the service through Airport Ticketing offices or during Airport Check-in they have to pay as per the current excess baggage rate followed by SpiceJet. However, if the passengers are pre-booking the service from the carrier’s official website, reservation centres or through carrier’s travel agents, they will enjoy the benefits of service at affordable rates. For domestic flight, passengers have to pay Rs 250 Per Kg, and if they are flying on international routes, they have to pay Rs 450 Per Kg. Passengers must note that the maximum allowance will be 5 kgs.

Things You Must Know Before Booking SpiceJet Carry More Onboard

SpiceJet has noted that Carry More Onboard will be an optional service and if the passengers want to avail the benefits of the offer, they must book pre-book their tickets at least 12 hours before their concerned flight departure. Passengers must note that Carry More Onboard will be applicable on all domestic flight except flights originating from Jammu, Srinagar & Leh and international flights originating from India or outside from India. Once the purchase is made SpiceJet has noted that the amount paid in respect of Carry More Onboard will be non-refundable except in the case if the entire booking is cancelled by passengers or flight has been cancelled by the airline.

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