SpiceJet Freighter Flew To China For Getting Medical Supplies

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SpiceJet has played a significant role in keeping the aviation industry afloat. It is one of the biggest airlines in India. SpiceJet also offers cargo services under SpiceXpress. During the time of lockdown, SpiceJet has been working non-stop with its freighter planes to keep distributing medical supplies throughout the country. Recently, SpiceJet freighter flew to China for getting medical supplies. The aircraft landed back in Hyderabad, India from Shanghai, China. There is a massive demand for medical supplies in India, and due to lack of supply, SpiceJet had to fly to China.
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SpiceJet is Making Bringing Supplies From Many International Destinations

SpiceJet is dedicated to helping the world get out of the global pandemic. It has been conducting international flights to many destinations. One freighter of the airline is flying to Colombo exporting farm produce and is also operating another cargo flight to Singapore. Since the lockdown has been imposed, the budget carrier has transported around 2,700 tons of cargo by flying over 300 flights. SpiceJet has been one of the most affected airlines because of the lockdown of commercial operations. The airline has over 100 aircraft in a lease for which they have to pay $20 million every month.

SpiceJet Setting New Records With Cargo Services

SpiceJet has been transporting a lot of cargo in the lockdown. It recently operated a cargo flight in which the airline used passenger seats to carry extra items. Even the overhead bins were used and filled with items. All these efforts from the airline are towards ensuring that supplies reach the needy on time. The China flight is again an example from the airline that it wants to keep the supply of essential items smooth so that no citizens don’t panic during the time of lockdown.

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