SpiceJet Is Gearing Up Pilots And Crew For Operations Operations Post Lock Down

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Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi announced in the morning of April 14, 2020, that the lockdown would be extended further to May 3, 2020. The originally scheduled date for the lockdown to be over was April 14, 2020, and looking at the risk of removing it, the government chose to go another way. This is going to hurt the airlines who have been struggling with their cash reserves. One such airline is SpiceJet which has leases to pay off over $20 million every month for its 100 leased aircraft. Every airline is looking for its operations to resume partially so that they can start earning some cash and can regulate functions somehow. But there has been no hint from the government about if the airlines are allowed to do so.

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SpiceJet’s Blueprint Ready To Test New Protocols

SpiceJet is ready with an extensive blueprint of how they will operate once the lockdown is over. The airline is teaching its pilots and crew about the same—this blueprint made by SpiceJet emphasis on social distancing. Steps on how people will be given a boarding pass to how they will board the flight, sit, and exit has been discussed. SpiceJet’s plans for operating are in direct compliment to the new protocols asked by CISF from the Aviation Ministry.

New Protocols To Bring The Role Of Markers

When you enter a coach and look at the seats, you are going to see an ‘X’ marked on some of the seats in SpiceJet planes. These seats are prohibited from being occupied. Then there will be markers present even in the stairs through which you board the flight. These markers will also be visible at nights so that people can maintain distance between themselves. It is still not clear if SpiceJet will be able to start its operations anytime soon, but whenever it does, these protocols will likely be implemented.

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