SpiceJet Is Redefining Its Capacity As A Cargo Division

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SpiceJet is redefining its capacity as a cargo division. The cargo division of the airline is called SpiceXpress. Currently, the airline has five active freighters under it. But instead of using these freighter aircraft, the airline did something different for the first time. SpiceJet used a passenger plane to fly cargo items. The passenger plane used was Boeing 737. This flight took place on Tuesday and flew from Delhi to Chennai. The cargo being carried were essential items, and that is why they could be kept in the seats of the passenger plane without damaging them. It is being said that this was the first ‘cargo-on-seat’ flight in the history of India.


‘Cargo-On-Seat’ Flight Carried 11 Tonne of Supplies

The flight is being referred to as ‘cargo-on-seat’ flight. At the time this flight took off, it was carrying 11 tonnes of supplies on its seats. This is just in addition to the commendable cargo service SpiceJet has provided. Since the lockdown started, SpiceXpress has carried over more than 1400 tonnes of cargo by flying to approximately 200 domestic and international destinations. SpiceJet’s chairman and managing director, Ajay Singh said that for the first time in the country, the airline used a passenger flight to carry essential transport cargo where the cargo wasn’t only in the belly space of the plane, but also in the passenger seats.

SpiceXpress, The Only Separate Freighter Division in India

SpiceXpress, the cargo division of SpiceJet is the only separate freighter counterpart of a major airline in India. SpiceJet used unique seat covers for ensuring the passenger seats do not get damaged. The seat covers were made from flame-proof material. The cargo was restrained to the seats to ensure that it doesn’t fly off and damage. Interestingly, the overhead bins were used as well to be able to carry more items.

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