SpiceJet Looking to Expand Services From Metro Cities To Non-Metros

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SpiceJet has plans for expanding its network of flights all over India. In its efforts to do so, the airline has decided to add new domestic destinations in the coming months. In a recent announcement from the airline on January 3, 2020, it was said that SpiceJet would be adding around 8 new flights in total including both international and domestic airports. Now the airline on January 14, 2020, announced that out of those 8 flights, 4 flights would be of domestic airports. The airline has decided that they are going to use their 90-seater Bombardier Q400 aircraft and 189-seater Boeing 737-800 aircraft for the new flights.


Flight Service Focused On Connecting Metros and Non-Metros

The four domestic flights which have been announced by SpiceJet are launched to connect the smaller cities from the metros. Such kind of connectivity is bound to increase the trade between the cities. The destinations which have been chosen SpiceJet are Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Mumbai, and Mangalore. Aurangabad is one of the most historical cities in India and is also considered to be one of the quickest growing cities in Asia. The airline has decided to add the frequency of flights added between Mumbai and Mangalore.

Frequency of Flights Announced by SpiceJet

The four flights which are going to be added are SG-2933, SG-2934, SG-6356, SG-6353. The former two flights will connect the Aurangabad and Ahmedabad route, and the latter two flights will connect Mumbai and Mangalore. The Mumbai-Mangalore flights will be effective from February 10, 2020, and the Aurangabad-Ahmedabad flights are valid from February 15, 2020. The frequency for Mumbai-Mangalore flights will be daily one flight from either airport, and for the Aurangabad-Ahmedabad the rate frequency of flight will be 6 flights in a week from either airport. There is also an introductory promotional fare of Rs 2999 for people who are booking their flights on the Aurangabad-Ahmedabad and Ahmedabad-Aurangabad route respectively.

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