Two Spicejet Pilots Lose Licenses For Runway Overshoot

The incident involving Boeing 737 aircraft closed the Mumbai airport main runway for three days

By July 30th, 2019 AT 2:38 PM
  • The license suspension is for one year
  • The pilot in command has to undergo corrective training and eligibility re-assessment before restoring the license

After investigating a runway overshoot incident occurred in Mumbai airport earlier this month, the aviation regulatory authority the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) suspended the licenses of two SpiceJet pilots. The pilots — Ajinkya Hanchate and Tushar Dasgupta – adopted a wrong approach in landing the flight, leading to instability of the plane.


The approach ‘endangered the safety of the aircraft and the passengers on board’, according to DGCA order.

The accident involving SpiceJet flight SG-6237 coming from Jaipur to Mumbai happened on July 1, 2019. The Boeing 737 aircraft touched down with a high speed of approximately 1600 metres from runway 27 threshold (usable part of the runway), resulting in a runway excursion. “The two pilots failed to exercise caution and did not take corrective measures,” DGCA said.

“The plane floated for a longer time and landed after consuming half the runway 27,” DGCA finding pointed out in order.

The runway overshoot led to the closure of Mumbai airport’s main runway for more than three days, limiting the constrained Mumbai Airport’s operations even further.

The licenses of the pilots are suspended for one year. In addition to the one-year suspension, the pilot Dasgupta has to fly as the first officer for six months or for 300 hours, whichever is earlier before applying for restoration of his license. There will also be an assessment to check his ability after the corrective training.

SpiceJet did not comment on the incident.

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