SpiceJet Unveils Six New Direct Flights: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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SpiceJet, a budget carrier, has upped their aviation game by introducing six new direct flights on domestic as well as international routes. These new daily flights would become operational as early as 10th October, SpiceJet claimed. Four of these flights would be a part of the domestic sector covering the Hyderabad-Guwahati and Guwahati-Patna route while the other two would be a part of the international sector flying back and forth from Hyderabad and Bangkok.

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SpiceJet also announced that they would be deploying Boeing 737 on these routes. It is important to note that among all Indian Carriers, SpiceJet has become the first one to operate a direct flight between Hyderabad and Bangkok.


“We are pleased to announce the launch of our new flights which will offer additional flying options and travel flexibility at affordable prices. We see immense potential in these routes and are proud to be the only Indian carrier to provide direct connectivity between Hyderabad and Bangkok,” said Shilpa Bhatia, chief sales and revenue officer, SpiceJet.

SpiceJet New Domestic and International Direct Flights Flight Schedules as of August 2018

SpiceJet Flt No. Origin Destination Departure Arrival Day of Operation Frequency
SG-463 Hyderabad Guwahati 5:25 am 7:45 am Daily 1st Direct Flight
SG-464 Guwahati Hyderabad 11:45 am 2:40 pm Daily 1st Direct Flight
SG-461 Guwahati Patna 8:15 am 9:25 am Daily 1st Direct Flight
SG-462 Patna Guwahati 9:55 am 11:15 am Daily 1st Direct Flight
SG-81 Hyderabad Bangkok 4:30 pm 9:40 pm Daily 1st Direct Flight
SG-82 Bangkok Hyderabad 10:40 pm 1:40 am Daily 1st Direct Flight

SpiceJet new domestic flights schedule are as follows:

  • The first flight, that is, SG-463, flying from Hyderabad to Guwahati, would depart at 5:25 AM and reach Guwahati at 7:25 AM whereas, the flight from Guwahati to Hyderabad, that is, SG-464, would depart at 11:45 AM and reach Hyderabad at 2:40 PM.
  • The flight from Guwahati to Patna, that is, SG-461, would depart at 8:15 AM and reach Patna at 9:25 AM whereas, the flight from Patna to Guwahati, that is, SG-462, would depart at 9:55 AM and would reach Guwahati at 11:15 AM.

SpiceJet new International flight schedule are as follows:

  • The flight from Hyderabad to Bangkok, that is, SG-81, would depart at 4:30 PM and reach Bangkok at 9:40 PM whereas, the flight from Bangkok to Hyderabad, that is, SG-82, would depart at 10:40 PM and would reach Hyderabad at 1:40 AM.

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According to a recent statement by SpiceJet, the inaugural fee of the domestic routes is kept as low as Rs 3,099 whereas, for the international route of Hyderabad to Bangkok, the inaugural fee for the to and fro journey is Rs 9,999 and Rs 8,299 respectively.

SpiceJet, on average, functions 412 daily flights to 55 destinations, out of which 48 operate on domestic routes and the other 7 operate on international routes. SpiceJet recently tested BioFuel flight from Dehradun to Delhi.

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