SpiceJet Student Flyers Can Get Tickets With Slight Fare Cut: Check Details

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SpiceJet is a very big name in the Indian aviation industry. For years now, it has been providing excellent flying experience to its customers and has successfully become the second-largest airline in India. One of the many reasons it has been so successful in the Indian market is because it has continuously improvised and improved its services. SpiceJet can be called one of the creative airlines since the tag line that it boasts under its name is, ‘Red. Hot. Spicy.’ It provides many advantages to its customers if they book their flights directly from their website. Recently, SpiceJet has launched some new visa policies for particular nations making it an easier process to obtain a visa. If you are a frequent flyer with the airline, you probably already know about the kind of advantages it provides to its customers who fall under the SpiceClub category. SpiceJet believes that youth is the future of the country and that is why it does not want them to feel pressurised by the mounting prices of air travel. Like Vistara, it has also launched its student discount scheme, where under the offer, any eligible student could get some amazing benefits.


What Is SpiceJet Student Discount Offer?

SpiceJet Student Discount offer is a new scheme/offer that the airline has launched to support students of the country. If you are a student and can fulfil the eligibility criteria of SpiceJet, you can get an amazing offers on your next flight booking from the airline. When you become eligible for student discount offer by SpiceJet, you are up for receiving discounts on your flight ticket and extra allowance for more baggage. According to the airline, a total of 6% discount in the base fee will be applicable on your flight booking. As for the baggage, you will be allowed an extra 10 kg. This is a great deal but will only be applicable when you can prove to the airline that you are a student. There is a possibility that certain people could pose as students and get that discount, that is why the airline has made some strict regulations for verification of the student.

How To Avail Student Discount And How To Verify?

There is an eligibility criterion that a student must meet to avail the discount offer by SpiceJet. First of all, the student must be above the age of 12. Children below that won’t be able to apply for the discount. The discount is only applicable when the person or student is booking their flight directly through the airline’s website. You can apply this offer for both one way and round trip bookings. One thing to note is that it is not applicable on international flights.

If you feel like getting a refund after applying this offer on your SpiceJet flight, it is not possible and at the same time, you can’t transfer the ownership to someone else. While booking, ensure that you are studying in some bonafide school or university so that you have an ID card to prove the same. When you reach the airport, ensure that you don’t forget your ID card, because to claim the boarding pass for your SpiceJet flight and extra baggage allowance, you will have to show it in the airline counter at the airport. This offer is under first come and first serve basis, so if you don’t move fast, you may not be able to enjoy its benefits. In addition to this, web check-in is not permitter when this offer is applied.

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